Who’s Going to Die on ‘The White Lotus: Sicily’? An Official Investigation

who dies on the white lotus season 2

Warning: This post contains spoilers for The White Lotus: Sicily.

The White Lotus is back, and this time, we’re in Sicily, baby!

This season, we open on Daphne (Meghann Fahy) telling two American tourists (Kara Kay and Angelina Keeley, from White Lotus creator Mike White’s season of Survivor): “Italy’s so romantic, you’re gonna die”.

We watch Daphne as she goes to take one last dip in the Ioanian Sea before her Sicilian adventure ends, only to have a corpse bump into her. She screams, flees the sea, and runs into the arms of someone on the beach (we can’t see who it is).

Then, we see White Lotus manager Valentina (Sabrina Impacciatore) learn that there are bodies, plural, in the sea, as Rocco (Federico Ferrante) tells her that there are “a few” bodies in the ocean.

In an interview with Vulture, White said that The White Lotus: Sicily would be examining gender roles and jealousy to create what he calls “a bedroom farce with teeth.”

Over the course of the season, we’ve seen this play out, and knowing that it will end in death has us thinking: who’s going to die, and who’s going to be responsible?

While we don’t have any official White Lotus spoilers to share with you about the finale, we do have a number of White Lotus finale predictions to share with you all. Ahead, we share our finest theories for who dies on The White Lotus: Sicily.

albie dominic bert di grasso the white lotus sicily season 2 who dies

The Di Grasso family is three generations of toxic masculinity at play. We have Bert, who’s busy preaching to Dominic about the importance of keeping the family together, while simultaneously hitting on every woman who crosses his path. We have Dominic, whose wife and daughter aren’t speaking to him as a direct result of his infidelity within his marriage, and then we have self-proclaimed “nice guy” Albie, who’s most attracted to “pretty, wounded birds” who don’t want him back.

Albie Di Grasso (Adam DiMarco)

Will he die? So far, there’s not much to indicate that Albie is going to meet his fate this season, but if he were to die, it would most likely be while trying to commit murder. If this were the case, the killer would probably be Lucia, or maybe Portia.

Is he a killer? Maybe! Albie’s feminist persona seems to be slipping as the episodes progress, with him showing signs of being straight-up jealous of Portia’s blossoming relationship with Jack midseason. As we approach the finale, though, Albie has become intertwined with Lucia, who seems to be playing a long con with him. Could she convince Albie to murder someone (ie, Cameron or Alessio) on her behalf?

Or, will Albie figure out the con, drop the nice guy facade and reveal himself to be the worst Di Grasso yet? Anything’s possible.

Bert Di Grasso (F. Murray Abraham)

Will he die? Up until episode six, it seemed that if Bert were to die, it would probably be an act of misfortune, rather than murder. As of episode six, though, it’s possible that Bert could also die by suicide after being rejected by the Sicilian Di Grasso women.

Is he a killer? It doesn’t feel like he has any real motive to add murder to his Sicilian bucket list at the moment, so it seems unlikely.

Dominic Di Grasso (Michael Imperioli)

Will he die? After that shot of him staring out at the ocean, it’s looking likely! You’re gonna end up in there, buddy! If Dominic dies, it will most likely be because he’s trying to kill Lucia and/or Mia, with the girls prevailing in an act of self defence.

Is he a killer? Dominic specifically told Mia and Lucia to not “go crazy” racking up charges to his hotel room, a warning they did not heed. With Lucia now becoming entangled with Albie and trying to fleece him for all he’s worth, will Dom snap and try to take her (and Mia) out? It seems likely, but whether he’s successful or not remains to be seen. We’d say no, because this isn’t Law and Order: SVU and we think White would veer away from a dead sex worker trope.

mia lucia the white lotus sicily season 2 who dies

Our chaotic duo of Sicilian sex workers have been getting up to all kinds of mischief, from shopping sprees on Dominic’s dime to hooking up with Cameron and nearly killing Giuseppe with a random pill that was not viagra.

If The White Lotus: Sicily is going for realism, then Mia and Lucia are very high on the list of candidates who will die, because sex work is a notoriously dangerous profession, and the men that the duo are interacting with are a trio of walking red flags. But will creator Mike White wants to follow the statistics, or flip the script? We highly suspect the latter.

Lucia (Simona Tabasco)

Will she die? Lucia has not only been spending Dominic’s money, she’s also been hooking up with his son Albie, and is seemingly setting him up in a long con as she tries to get a big payout from him. The way things stand at the moment, it seems very likely that Dominic is going to take issue with this, but whether he’ll be successful remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, the drama between Ethan, Cameron, Harper and Daphne is still bubbling up, and in episode six, we see Lucia attempt to get the money she and Mia are owed from Ethan — an interaction that Harper witnesses. The tension between that foursome is sure to explode at some point in the finale, and Lucia could end up being collateral damage when it does. Basically, there are a lot of people who could have it out for Lucia and Mia.

Is she a killer? Lucia’s pretty high on the list of probable killers, but we don’t think it would be intentional, but rather, an act of self defence, or an accident.

Mia (Beatrice Grannò)

Will she die? Of the pair, Mia is the one who doesn’t seem like she has a clue what she’s doing at any given moment, which leads to chaos, and chaos can definitely lead to death. As the season goes on, though, Lucia seems to be the more likely of the two to end up dead.

Is she a killer? It’s possible, but looking less likely as the season wears on. Like Lucia, if Mia ends up being a killer, it will most likely be in self defence or by accident.

cameron daphne harper ethan white lotus sicily season 2

An awesome foursome this is not. On the one hand, we’ve got Cameron and Daphne, a couple who don’t read the news, can’t remember if they’ve voted, and appear on the surface to share approximately three brain cells between them. On the other hand, we’ve got Ethan and Harper, who get off on being better than Cameron and Daphne, while ignoring the fact that they are incapable of holding a real conversation for fear that the facade of their perfectly curated selves will all come crashing down.

Furthermore, we have the toxic, “bro code” infused friendship between Cameron and Ethan, and the uneasy alliance between Daphne and Harper to unpack.

There are a lot of dynamics at play here, so let’s see who’s most likely to end up on the chopping block.

Cameron Babcock (Theo James)

Will he die? Early in the season, it seemed like one of the women of the show would be the most likely candidate when it came to killing Cameron. Maybe Harper would kill him to get back at him for bringing all her marital woes with Ethan to the surface. Maybe Daphne would kill him for cheating on her. Maybe Lucia would kill him for not paying up (she really needs to start getting the money beforehand, to be honest). In episode six, though, we watch on as Ethan begins to unravel, convincing himself that Cameron has slept with Harper, just like Cameron would steal all the girls Ethan was interested in back in college. Will Ethan snap and kill Cam in a jealous rage? It’s very possible!

Is he a killer? At this point in the series, it actually seems pretty unlikely that he’ll be the one to kill anyone. That’s not to say that he won’t try, though. Cameron could attempt to murder Lucia or Mia as a way to avoid paying them, only to be killed by them first.

Daphne Babcock (Meghann Fahy)

Will she die? No! As the character who has the misfortune of swimming into a corpse, she’s one of the few characters we can actually confirm will not die. Or at least… won’t die until we get to this point in the series. In theory, she could still die after finding the bodies, although it seems unlikely.

Is she a killer? Oh, it’s possible! In episode five, we learned that Daphne is well aware of who Cameron is, and is perfectly happy with their relationship as it stands. One thing’s for sure: Daphne is not interested in having Harper rock the boat, or the foundation of her marriage. Would she kill to preserve her marriage, though? We’re not ruling it out!

Ethan Spiller (Will Sharpe)

Will he die? Look, Harper was definitely looking pretty murderous in episode four, so Ethan’s definitely on the list of potential deaths. Is Ethan the Moorish man who’s about to get his head chopped off, though? It’s unclear.

Is he a killer? As of episode six, it’s looking more likely that Ethan could try to kill Cameron, because he is unravelling at the mere thought of Cam and Harper hooking up.

Harper Spiller (Aubrey Plaza)

Will she die? Midseason, we said it was looking likely, because Harper was unravelling at the thought of Ethan cheating on her and was causing chaos on the wine tour. As of episode six, though, it seems less likely, as Harper has managed to flip the tables, sending Ethan spiralling instead. If Ethan snaps, we think it’s more likely that he’ll take it out on Cameron, rather than Harper.

Is she a killer? Harper’s revenge for Ethan’s lies of omission seem less geared toward murder, and more toward instilling the same sense of jealousy and distress in Ethan that she felt after finding the condom. At this point, it seems unlikely that she’ll kill anyone.

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the white lotus season 2 tanya portia

Next up, we have the trio of Tanya McQuoid, back at the White Lotus after her Hawaiian adventure last year, alongside her distracted husband Greg, who may or may not be cheating on her, and her personal assistant Portia, who’s found herself in a love triangle.

Tanya McQuoid (Jennifer Coolidge)

Will she die? This still feels unlikely, mostly because Coolidge is one of creator Mike White’s close friends in real life, and he’s hinted that she could be back for Season 3. On the other hand, those very facts could be all the more reason to have her beloved character go out with a bang, in a ‘Drew Barrymore in Scream‘-style shock death.

There’s a lot of talk online about Greg being the straight cowboy that Quentin reveals he was once in love with, and would do anything for. We agree with that. From there, there are two competing theories: either that they’re trying to kill Tanya to claim her money, or that they’re trying to set her up — ie, filming her hook up at the cocaine party so that they have proof that she violated the infidelity clause in her pre-nuptial agreement, leaving Greg with a fat chunk of change to pay Quentin and co. with. We suspect the latter, here, because as eagle-eyed Twitter users have pointed out, there is a plainly visible security camera filming her hook up.

Is she a killer? Not intentionally, but accidentally? We could see it. Episode six introduced a gun, and we all know that if a gun is introduced, it’s got to be fired at some point! Chekov said so! Could Tanya be the one to fire the shots? She could well be!

Greg (Jon Gries)

Will he die? If Greg dies, it will likely be in a chaotic mishap where Tanya accidentally offs him while trying to confront him.

Is he a killer? Directly? As in, will he get his hands dirty? We don’t think so. But one thing about Tanya, she’s very, very rich, and the person who stands to benefit most from Tanya dying is, of course, Greg.

Episode six seemingly confirmed a lot of our suspicions; that Greg is the straight cowboy that the supposed English millionaire Quentin told Tanya that he was in love with, and would still do anything for.

However, last week, we thought that Greg had hired the gay mafia to take out Tanya, whereas this week, we’re less convinced that he wants her dead, and suspect that actually, he’s just trying to take her for every last penny in the divorce once he has proof that she broke the fidelity clause in their pre-nup. However, there is a gun in the mix now, and anything could happen, which could make Greg a killer of sorts, or at least, a person who bears some responsibility in the death of Tanya or Quentin or anyone else caught up in the storm.

Portia (Haley Lu Richardson)

Will she die? Possibly! There are a few ways this could happen. Earlier in the season, we had our eye on Albie, whose jealous anger seemed to be bubbling under the surface. That could still be the case, but as of episode six, Portia is starting to put all the pieces of the Greg/Tanya/Quentin/Jack puzzle together, and it’s looking more likely that if she figures it out, she might end up paying the ultimate price.

Is she a killer? Doubtful. Sure, she hates her job, but not in ‘kill your boss’ kind of way. As for Albie, it seems more likely that Mia or Lucia would kill him before Portia did.

quentin jack gay mafia white lotus who dies kills

Quentin (Tom Hollander)

Will he die? Now that there’s a gun in the mix, we could see Tanya shooting him once she puts two and two together and figures out that Quentin’s straight cowboy is her beloved husband Greg.

Is he a killer? Last week, we said that Quentin was almost definitely a killer, but after episode six, we suspect Quentin and Greg’s plot is actually just to cash in on a divorce settlement, not actually murder Tanya. However, plans like this can escalate quickly, and there’s definitely a version of events in which Quentin is the one who grabs the gun, not Tanya, and shoots her first.

Jack (Leo Woodall)

Will he die? Now that we’ve all-but-confirmed that Jack is not, in fact, Quentin’s nephew, but rather, a sex worker hired by Quentin and co. to distract Portia, we think it’s pretty unlikely he’ll meet his fate. He’s just there to get paid and party on someone else’s dime.

Is he a killer? Again, it’s unlikely. He’s there for the money and the vibes, not to kill anyone.

valentina white lotus season 2 who dies sicily

Finally, we have our hotel staff: Valentina and Giuseppe. Valentina is our hotel manager, but unlike Armond, we know that Valentina will live to discover the bodies in the ocean. But could she be a killer? Let’s discuss.

Giuseppe (Federico Scribani)

Will he die? Giuseppe has already evaded death by mystery pill, so it seems unlikely at this stage that he’ll also be murdered. More broadly, he just doesn’t seem relevant enough compared to some of the other players for his death to pack much of a punch for viewers, so we think it’s fair to say he’ll live.

Is he a killer? For much the same reasons that Giuseppe won’t die, it’s also pretty unlikely that he’s a killer — he’s not involved in the story enough to be a killer.

Valentina (Sabrina Impacciatore)

Will she die? We know that Valentina survives because the series opens with her being informed that there are bodies, plural, in the ocean. Valentina lives.

Is she a killer? Valentina is a creep who’s also not very good at her job, but does she have it in her to kill? It’s possible, but not high on the list when we consider the broader themes of the series.

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