The ‘Yellowstone Dutton Ranch’ Is an Actual Family Home With Cabins You Can Stay in

Yellowstone Dutton Ranch

Yellowstone’, which Australian viewers can catch on Stan, follows the Dutton family, owners of the largest ranch in Montana, the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch or, more simply, as the show’s named, Yellowstone.

All countryside framed by snow-capped mountains, the show is one of the most beautiful on TV currently, which has led fans to wonder how they can visit. 

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, seasons one to four shot 70-75% of their scenes on three different sound stages in Utah. The rest of the scenes were filmed on over 20 locations around Utah. From the fourth season onwards, though, most of the scenes were filmed in the state where the fictional story takes place, Montana. And, now in its fifth season, the show’s only filmed there. 

So, where is the Yellowstone Ranch, with its massive white barns and “Y” decals. Turns out, it’s actually an actual working cattle ranch in Darby, Montana. The fictional Dutton family home is a 557-square-metre mansion on a property that’s over 1000 hectares near Darby, Montana. It’s called Chief Joseph, and even has two cabins visitors can rent out that we’re pictured on the show. 

The current owners are apparently so pleased by the publicity, they leave the “Yellowstone Dutton Ranch” sign on full display all year long, according to Esquire. 

“We welcome the large number of Yellowstone fans who stop at our gates to take photos of the Dutton Ranch sign,” the family wrote on the ranch’s website. “We are humbled and honored that Paramount [the show’s production studio] chose our ranch as the setting of this amazing series.”

The rest of the series was filmed in Missoula, Montana, while scenes of fictional Broken Rock Indian Rservation were on shot on real-life reservation The Crow Indian Reservation, the largest reservation in the state, located outside the city of Billings.

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