Step Inside the Superb Suburb That ‘Five Bedrooms’ Was Filmed in

Five Bedrooms follows the story of a group of single strangers who are seated together at an Aussie location-based wedding. After a few too many drinks, they decide to buy a five-bedroom house as a unit, hence the name of this series. They believe that this house will solve all of their problems. Naturally, Five Bedrooms then turns into a hilarious series of events.

Over the years, Five Bedrooms has built up a cult following. People love the gut-busting cast and the stunning house they play in. But where was Five Bedrooms filmed? Was it filmed on a set? Here are the details we know. 

Where Was Five Bedrooms Filmed?

Malvern East
Image: Melburnian

Five Bedrooms is filmed in Melbourne’s Malvern East. This suburb is known for being both upscale and peaceful. It’s home to the Malvern Valley Golf Club, a community bike path along Gardiners Creek, and a number of beautiful gardens. 

However, if you want to move to Malvern East and fulfil a Five Bedrooms fantasy, good luck. The median rental price for a three-bedroom place is currently $670 per week. Meanwhile, the average buying price is over $1.5 million.  

Is Five Bedrooms Filmed on a Set? 

No, Five Bedrooms is filmed in a real house. This can be demonstrated by the fact that Doris Younane, who plays Heather in this series, lived in the house when the second season was put on ice. In 2021, the filming of Five Bedrooms was paused due to the COVID pandemic. 

“I was sleeping in Katie’s room and not my room, it felt weird,” Younane revealed in an interview. “It took me a while, and then I settled in. It’s a beautiful house. It was great to have free rein in the massive kitchen.”

“I know the house backwards now, I know it better than the arts department,” she said.

Younane added: “I can tell you which door creaks, about the heating, about the possums. I know the neighbours, they all know me. They’re very sad I’ve left now, so I’ll have to pop in.”

Five Bedrooms is now streaming on Paramount+.

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