Climb Up the Iconic Southern Alps Where Channel 9’s ‘The Summit’ Was Filmed

Channel 9’s The Summit doesn’t just star a cast of 14 amateur mountain climbers. It also stars the dangerous yet stunning alps that they’re climbing. Which begs the question: Where was Channel 9’s The Summit filmed?

Fortunately, we know the answer to this question. Channel 9’s The Summit was filmed on New Zealand’s Southern Alps mountain range, which extends along most of New Zealand’s South Island. 

What’s more, the Southern Alps aren’t just super long, they’re also super tall. The range contains the highest point in New Zealand, that being the top of Aoraki. This mountain is 3724 metres high.

However, if the cast of The Summit doesn’t climb Aoraki, that’s okay. ‘Cause there’s a bunch of challenging mountains they could climb. Overall, there are sixteen other points that exceed 3,000 metres in height.

Now, it’s these impressive facts that bring drama and energy to The Summit Australia. After all, if Channel 9’s The Summit was filmed at Telstra Tower, the vibes would just be different.

But Will the Trekkers Be Able to Conquer The Summit?

“This was never going to be easy or fun,” said the show’s host, Jai Courtney. “To succeed, people need fortitude, compassion, and patience, but they also need to be fiercely determined to want to get to the top.”

Channel 9's The Summit was filmed on New Zealand’s Southern Alps mountain range. The Summit’s host, Jai Courtney, is standing in front of these alps.
Channel 9

“Being able to find some resolve, rally the troops, and motivate people will be the key. It really is a balancing act between pushing and encouraging everyone, but not so much that they’re slowing the whole team down.”

Additionally, the Southern Alps are also ravishing. There are times in The Summit where the reality series transforms into an artwork.

You can admire The Summit’s Southern Alps on Channel 9 this Sunday, May 14, at 7.00pm. It’s also dropping on May 15 and 16, starting at 7.30pm. If you somehow miss a few episodes, you can catch up using 9Now.

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