Hannah Gadsby Has ‘Something Special’ In Store for Us…

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Back in 2017, Hannah Gadsby debuted their groundbreaking comedy special Nanette. In 2018, it was picked up by Netflix, and from there, the rest is history.

Nanette was a comedy special that defied easy categorisation. In it, Gadsby shared their personal experiences as a queer person living in a world — one that often dismisses and diminishes those who don’t conform to societal norms.

To say that Nanette was successful would be an understatement. A powerful and transformative work, Nanette sparked important conversations about identity, trauma, and the role of comedy in society. For their work, Gadsby was awarded a Peabody Award, a Primetime Emmy Award, and a Television Critics Association Award.

Gadsby quickly followed up the success of Nanette with another comedy special, Douglas, which was picked up by Netflix for global release in 2020. Douglas was also met with critical acclaim.

Now, Gadsby is back. Aptly titled Hannah Gadsby: Something Special, the comedian’s latest offering will premiere on Netflix shortly, and as the poster promises: “It’s a feel good show. Seriously.”


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Here’s everything we know so far.

What Is Hannah Gadsby: Something Special About?

Per Netflix’s official logline, Hannah Gadsby: Something Special is a “smart and feel good set”.

Netflix teases that Gadsby “talks about a wedding (theirs!), more than one traumatic encounter with a bunny and much more” in the special.

Where Was Hannah Gadsby: Something Special Filmed?

Hannah Gadsby filmed the Hannah Gadsby: Something Special show at the Sydney Opera House in Spring, 2022.

When Does Hannah Gadsby: Something Special Drop?

Hannah Gadsby: Something Special will premiere globally on May 9, 2023.

How to Watch Hannah Gadsby: Something Special In Australia

Hannah Gadsby: Something Special will land on Netflix on May 9, 2023.

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