This Website Is a Sex and The City Clothing Goldmine


Sex and The City is the show that raised a generation of 1990s fashion-forward women, so to say that there were some iconic outfits portrayed in the addictive series would be an understatement.

With Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda all boasting her own sense of style, and fans knowing exactly which they relate to most, everyone can find some fashion inspiration from SATC gracing our screens for years. 

Though the show is no longer airing, echoes of the series’ style still linger. From slip dresses to sequin crop tops, we are confident that a few of the styles debuted on SATC will be around for years to come. 

And to fill our never-ending desire to be the Carries of our own lives, there’s one online shop ready to fulfil our every dream outfit inspired by the show.

Stocking an insanely huge range of vintage finds, Vestiaire Collective provides both quality and quantity. All it takes is a little digging, and before you know it your closet will be filled with Carrie-inspired skirts and Miranda-esque power suits.

Of course, we couldn’t help but shop out a few of our favourite outfits from the series, playing around on the site. To see some of the best finds we came across, keep scrolling.  

Source: HBO


Prada, Mid-Length Skirt ($333.33)

Of course, we had to include a tulle skirt. 

Valentino, Pink Viscose Dress ($120.00)

Similar to Carrie’s iconic off-the-shoulder dress. 

Michael Kors, Maxi Dress ($622.58)

Carrie is all about flowers, and we have a feeling she’d love this dress.

Doce & Gabbana, Silk Mid-Length Dress ($680.87)

The form-fitting silhouette, bright colours, and poppy print make for all the elements of a Bradshaw-approved dress. Now, to pair them with some glitzy pumps.  


Chanel, Timeless/Classique Leather Backpack ($2817.75)

A little serious, a little quirky, this backpack just screams Miranda.

Ralph Lauren, Velvet Blazer ($125.00)

Only Miranda could pull off a velvet blazer at her wedding, but we’ve found one in a similar colour so you can emulate the look. 

Stella McCartney, Silk Maxi Skirt ($256.94) 

Miranda had her girlier moments too, and one of the most memorable featured a pink maxi skirt that looked a lot like this one. 

Courrèges, Overall ($250.00)

There’s no denying that Miranda’s style was the sportiest of the bunch. These overalls would suit her perfectly! 


Valentino, Shearling Coat ($416.66)

Despite her sometimes serious demeanour, Charlotte had an affinity for girly style — and especially the colour pink. 

Burberry, Trench Coat ($649.78) 

Charlotte’s classic style is perfectly complemented by a classic trench. 

Chanel, Leather Hair Accessory ($330.00)

Her preppy style wouldn’t be complete without a headband.

Smythson, Leather Purse ($91.67)

What’s not to love about this bright (but elegant) little purse? 


Gianfranco Ferré, Camisole ($300.00)

Sequins… crop top… everything about it is so Samantha. 

Elie Saab, Silk Mini Dress ($1333.32)

Ever blonde bombshell needs a little red dress and no one rocks it better than Sam Jones. 

Olivia Von Halle, Silk Lingerie ($696.73)

We wouldn’t be doing Samantha’s style justice if we didn’t include a silk robe.

Reformation, Corset ($126.67)

Samantha’s barbecue outfit was perhaps one of her best. This corset top emulates her gingham milkmaid set for the modern-day.  

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