The Xbox Series X Is Officially Available Online At Target


Target’s here to save the day! It would seem Target stores have a fair amount of both the Xbox Series X ($749) and Xbox Series S ($499) still in stock. The consoles are available online only, so waste no more time and get to their website now… they’re still selling out fast!

Target doesn’t offer home delivery, but the click and collect is super efficient and will only take about 3-7 days for your console to arrive at the store for pick-up. 

Only coming out in November, the Xbox Series X shortages have hit hard and are set to continue throughout 2021, as Microsoft revealed that its supply of next-gen consoles will be limited until “at least June”. 

Mike Spencer, Microsoft’s head of investor relations, revealed the news in The New York Times, much to the dismay every loyal Xbox-er. He also casually mentioned that the company had sold out of every Xbox until it had created last quarter. 

The aforementioned limited supply has been greatly impacted by chip shortages from AMD, who produce the Zen 2-based CPU and RDNA 2-based GPU in the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. 

So right now, Target’s looking pretty damn good. 

Finding either of the new Xbox Series X or S in stock has been a huge challenge for consumers, ever since pre-orders opened back up in September. The consoles have quickly sold out with savvy buyers rushing in at the right moments. 

The diminishing supply has a lot to do with scalpers, bots and even gangs who have targeted and taking advantage of the buying frenzy mostly to hijack networks.

Lockdown and general COVID-19 restrictions have also made it more difficult for gamers to purchase new consoles, as the brick and mortar stores have been closed, meaning most consoles are only available for online purchase.

We’ll keep you posted on other retailers and stockists if they appear. 

Find the Xbox X and S series consoles online at Target here.

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