‘I Am A Killer: Released’ — Where Is Dale Wayne Sigler Now?

I'm a Killer

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information learned in I’m a Killer and I’m a Killer: Released on Netflix.

TRIGGER WARNING: This article refers to sexual assault and murder.

Three decades ago, Dale Wayne Sigler killed John Zeltner.

When we first met this killer, he had been sentenced to death in season one of the Netflix series, I’m a Killer.

Now, the 53-year-old is the subject of the follow-up series, I’m a Killer: Released after his sentence was changed to “life imprisonment” with the option to apply for parole after 30 years.

In 1990, when he was around 23-years-old, Sigler robbed a Subway store in Texas and then murdered Zeltner by shooting him twice from behind. A crime which was called “overkill” by homicide investigator Tommy Lenoire.

After the heinous crime, he stole $450 from the cash register before being arrested for the homicide.

The Texan had a long history of crimes before he was arrested. When he was a teenager, Sigler had already been charged with two counts of breaking and entering and three additional robberies.

Due to the nature of his crime and his priors, Sigler was sentenced to the death penalty. Three years later, his sentence would be changed to life imprisonment with the opportunity to apply for parole after 30 years and was released in 2019.

During his prison stay, Sigler became a “man of God”. This faith allowed him to “reform” and open up about a traumatic childhood and his own insecurities which led to the death of Zeltner.

According to Sigler, the two men were previously friends, however, a sexual advance by Zeltner and a threat to spread false information about Sigler, caused him to essentially snap.

Over the course of the series, viewers hear of the time Sigler was molested when he was young which made him question his own sexuality, however, he denies a sexual relationship with his former friend and calls homosexuality an “abomination”. Investigator Lenoire and Zeltner’s step-brothers believe that Sigler should still be in jail.

At the close of the series, we learned that he had moved in with his prison pen-pal Carole Whitworth and was working at a Texas Ranch before it was revealed he had lost his job.

According to The Cinemaholic, Sigler is still unemployed and living with Whitworth, whom he calls “Mama Carole”.

He’s now a man who is legally unable to socialise in public and hasn’t held a job for over three decades.

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