When Will Lettuce Cost Less Than a Yacht? Woolworths and Coles Have Some Answers

It’s like Game of Thrones out here in these supermarket aisles folks. Seriously, I’m at my local Woolworths battling a grandma for some bok choy, and many of my fave veggies have been killed from their shelves. Plus, for the longest time, I didn’t know when this rough-as-guts winter weather would calm down enough for this store’s stock to be replenished.

Well, I don’t have to ponder this question anymore. Cause Woolworths has released its Seasonal Update that details when some of its stock will be back for us to nom on. If you’re hungry for some greens, then here are the deets that you need to know:

The Produce That’ll Be Back Soon

Have you been craving some spring onions? Have you been wanting to cram your face full of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries? Does munching on stalks of broccoli and broccolini bring you joy? Well, if any of these extreme hypotheticals describe you, then it’s time to party. Cause all of these items should be consistently on Woolworths’ shelves around the start of July.

This produce has been negatively affected by challenging growing conditions, poor weather, and heavy rain. However, unlike a whack of other bits of fruit and veg, they’re gearing up for a quicker comeback.

Some Classic Are Coming Back In Mid-July

Baby spinach, cos lettuce, iceberg lettuce, and salad bowls have all been impacted by heavy rain. Bok choy and pak choy have also been hit hard by some rubbish weather conditions. However, Woolworths reckons that these conditions will change by mid-July, so these items should be back on its shelves by then. It is expected when the supply of lettuce increases, its price will drop to a point that’ll make their 4/10 taste tolerable. 

Moreover, Woolworths’ zucchini supply is currently running low because of challenging growing conditions. But don’t fret, because these buds will come back in mid-July too. Some fruits that will join the humble zucchini in resurgence on store shelves include Truss tomatoes, Solanato tomatoes, and grapes.

If you want to learn more about why lettuce is currently so expensive, then The Latch’s already covered this subject in the aptly titled article: Why Is Lettuce So Expensive?

These A+ Plants Are Unlucky Last

Herbs, of all things, have been delayed the most by these tough farming circumstances. According to Woolworths, “Poor weather conditions have impacted the supply of… fresh herbs and their availability in store and online, but we’re expecting this to improve from August onwards.” So maybe hold off on recreating KFC’s secret 11 herbs and spices until then.

Because there’s been such a shortage of fruit, veg, and other essential items, Woolworths is currently running a Low Price Freeze until the end of this year. What’s a Low Price Freeze? We’ll I’m glad you asked: What Woolworths Low Price Freeze Means For You

Coles Is Bringing Its Cos Lettuce Drop Forward

In a rivalry that’s old as the Capulets and the Montagues, Coles has also entered the update game. In a statement, this company announced that they’re allowing its South-East Queensland customers to buy two small lettuces for $6.50. This is the exact same price as its big ones. Coles declared, “While these lettuces haven’t fully grown due to the extremely cold weather, they are still delicious and in fantastic condition. The initiative allows growers in the Lockyer Valley to utilise some of the iceberg lettuce crops that have been impacted on by the recent wet weather.”

Your move Woolworths. 

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