All the Things We’re Excited to Do Post-Pandemic


No one’s certain yet as to when this whole pandemic business will end. Our normal, as we knew it, will evolve into a new normal — one where people actually sneeze into their elbows and know how to wash their hands properly (not a bad thing).

Until then, we’ll be following restrictions and staying at home in an effort to flatten the curve and reduce pressure on our healthcare system. We’ll practice self-care, keep busy in isolation with household tasks, and maybe even pick up new hobbies, but we’ll also daydream about our lives after this, and look forward to everything we can do once things move into a more manageable place. Below is a list of those very things.

Hug our loved ones

Those isolating alongside a partner, family member or friend may be lucky enough to nab a cuddle here and there, but once all of this is over, we can’t wait to hug our wider family, friend circles and loved ones.

Visit elderly relatives

Restrictions around aged care centres have meant that many are unable to visit their grandparents. Post-pandemic, we’re looking forward to seeing our older relatives once more, being sure to wash hands and follow recommended hygiene practises before, of course.

Go on a pub crawl

How excited are we to hit the local pubs and have a beer with both our friends and the friendly staffers who run the bar? We’ll stay a while, try a few new craft beers, and enjoy a pub schnitty and steak with our pals in the area.

Go to work

Zoom chats and Google hangouts are fine for now, but we seriously miss seeing our team members faces for real. Once we head back into the office, we’ll book a whole day of meetings that could have been emails, just so we can interact face-to-face.

Travel the world

Obvious, yet something we’re all excited for, no doubt. While isolating at home, we’ve been taking virtual trips around the world. But once flights resume and we’re able to set off on a new adventure, we’ll be booking that around-the-world trip we’d have spent the entirety of quarantine planning.

Visit a beautician

Nails! Hair! Eyebrows! A facial! Sign us up for every beauty treatment under the sun once this is all over. Lord knows our skin could do with a little pampering, and it’s been a minute since these brows were tamed.

Catch a movie

The day cinemas re-open will be a good and hopeful one, because while we’ve missed the opportunity to catch a blockbuster film in a comfy recliner chair, we’ve also missed the candy bar snacks that make the experience that much better (read: popcorn and choc-tops).

Dine out

We can’t wait to see the doors of our favourite establishments reopen. And when they do, we’ll be first in line to book a boozy brunch and dinner with our best friends to support the hospitality industry get back on its feet.

Go out

We thought our “clubbing” days were over, but after spending time in isolation, something tells us we’ll have a new-found affinity for a crowded dance floor. While dancing around our own houses is good enough for now, we’re keen to bust a few moves down the track once it’s safe to once more.

The current health crisis is evolving rapidly. If you suspect you or a family member has coronavirus you should call (not visit) your GP or ring the national Coronavirus Health Information Hotline on 1800 020 080.

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