The Headlines: How to Truly Enjoy Tonight’s Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

The Headlines: A series that’ll help you scroll with purpose. That’s right, instead of having your fingers whither way, being distracted by Reddit, you can use those bad boys to get through this Tuesday’s biggest stories. So, without any more faffing about, let’s dive straight into the details:

A Blood Moon and Lunar Eclipse Is Happening Tonight

This evening, the Sun, Earth, and Moon will all line up. This is known as a syzygy. Moreover, when Earth’s shadow completely covers the Moon, this space rock will turn blood red. 

This is all happening as a part of tonight’s total lunar eclipse. It will also be the last one to happen in three years. 

“I love lunar eclipses because they happen at the same time for everybody, it’s just the time zone that changes things,” said a Melbourne Planetarium Astronomer, Tanya Hill

“We should get out to see this total lunar eclipse because we won’t see another one in Australia until September 8, 2025.”

If you want to try and enjoy tonight’s lunar eclipse, here’s a handy-dandy guide:


Start Time: When the Moon Begins Changing Colour

Total Eclipse Time

End Time

Western Australia (AWST)




Northern Territory (ACST)




Queensland (AEST)




South Australia (ACDT)




NSW, the ACT, Victoria, Tasmania (AEDT)




Dominic Perrottet VS ClubsNSW — The Fight Escalates

The NSW Premier, Dominic Perrottet, and ClubNSW are currently in a bit of a scuffle. This is because Perrottet has committed to putting cashless gaming card systems in NSW’s clubs and pubs. ClubsNSW doesn’t want this. 

Said system is a big deal because it would mean that folks in NSW couldn’t put physical money into a club or pub’s pokie machine. Instead, they would need to put money on a cashless gaming card in order to gamble. 

Now, this dispute between Perrottet and ClubNSW has been going on for several days. However, their disagreement has recently escalated.

Perrottet has stated that he won’t make any pre-election commitments to helping the clubs and pubs industry until ClubNSW agrees to implement a cashless gaming card system.

Since 2011, every NSW Coalition Government has promised not to change the state’s gaming taxes or regulations. If ClubsNSW doesn’t get on board Perrottet’s program, this could very well change.

“I’ve made it very clear we need to move to a cashless gaming system,” said Perrottet.

“This is not about working against the industry. It’s all working together to make meaningful change to stop money laundering occurring in pokie machines and ensuring that problem gamblers are not throwing their life savings down a pokie machine.”

Nevertheless, ClubsNSW is very resistant to this alteration. 

“We have to have measures which are proportionate, affordable, sensible and target those who are the bad guys,” said ClubsNSW’s Chief Executive, Josh Landis.

“You don’t have restrictions on poker machines that treat everyone like they are criminals.”

We’ll keep you in the loop if this throw-down between Perrottet and ClubsNSW gets even more heated. 

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Connecting Generations: Adopt a Grand-Buddy Is Here

In some super wholesome news, a weekly event that connects preschool children with a retirement village on the NSW Mid North Coast has just restarted. This event is a part of the Connecting Generations: Adopt a Grand-Buddy program. It was shut down due to the COVID pandemic but is now back to being a smashing success. 

“We have had three years of isolating where the residents haven’t had a lot of interaction with friends or family. It’s been a trying time for us, so for the residents, this has been really good,” said Heather Murphy, the Residential Care Manager at Anglican Care’s Storm Retirement Village.

Meanwhile, Jayla Towers, aged four, said, “I like seeing the nannies and poppies.”

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