The Best Kids’ Movies to Enjoy During the 2023 Easter School Holidays

Oi, parents, don’t lie to me. Making the Easter school holidays fun for you kids can be a tricky task. Sure, you have the egg hunt on April 9, but then what? Let them become an i-Pad potato for two months?

But luckily, three excellent kids’ movies have dropped into HOYTS for the Easter school holidays period. What’s more, not only will these flicks keep your critters entertained, they also be a vibe for your adult noggin. 

So, let’s get cracking. Here are the three best kids’ movies that you should devour during these holidays. 


Hey, want to travel to ancient Greece? Well, you can now do the next best thing. Go to Argonuts, a kids’ movie set in this very buckwild time and place. 

In this flick, a mouse named Pattie, a cat named Sam, and a dude named Jason, who’s running from Poseidon, battle creatures from ancient mythology. But don’t fret, there are a ton of goofs and japes to break up the combat. This is a family flick for one and all.

If you want to tackle the adventure of the Argonuts, then you should click the link here

The Super Mario Bros Movie

To quote the main character of this film, Mario, “It’s-a me, Mario.”

In this movie, Mario goes on a classic video-game-esque adventure across the Mushroom Kingdom. He races cars, scores power-ups, and even battles Donkey Kong. However, this makes sense, ‘cause this movie is actually based on Mario’s series of games. 

However, there’s a twist that separates this movie from its video game counterparts. Now, in the games, Mario typically has to save Princess Peach from danger. But in this movie, he has to save his brother, Luigi. Talk about an iconic change. 

If you want to enjoy The Super Mario Bros Movie this Easter school holidays, then click the link here

Makva: The Forest Song

Alright, we have one for the fantasy girlies. In this flick, Mavka, a soul of the Forest, must make an impossible choice. She must choose between falling in love with a young musician named Lukash or protecting the literal heart of the forest.

Will she choose duty? Or will she choose passion?

If you want to score some deets about Makva: The Forest Song, then click the link here.

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