The Headlines: It’s International Women’s Day — Here’s What That Means

What Is International Women’s Day?

International Women’s Day: A global celebration of the social, cultural, and political achievements that women have fought for. However, it’s also a call to action, as there is still a canyon between the lives that men and women experience. 

Even in a joint like Australia, we still have a long way until we achieve gender equality. This is because we rank an abysmal 43rd on the Global Gender Gap leaderboard. What’s more, Aussie women of all ages spend nine hours each week more than men doing unpaid labor. And 22% of young men reckon that they should take control in a hetero relationship. 

International Women’s Day is a time when such rubbish statistics get the thought they deserve. However, it can’t be the only day that these issues are raised. 

These problems can’t be normal. They have to be discussed on the reg. 

Additionally, we need to demand that our government alleviate the strains of gender equality. We have to educate young men that attempting to be an alpha male is pretty cringe. We have to organise, protest, scream, until we live on the Earth we deserve.

International Women’s Day is a good starting point. But it isn’t the end of the fight.

The Aussies Who Want to Refinance Their Mortgages

When Australia’s interest rate goes up, a lot of home loans also rise in price. And because the interest rate has increased ten times in a row, some home loans are buckwild exxy right now. This has caused a number of Aussies to plan on refinancing their home loans, AKA, these peeps want to score a cheaper deal. 

According to a Finder survey of 313 people with a mortgage, 18% are planning on refinancing their home loan in the next six months. Meanwhile, another 15% might refinance if interest rates rise again.

“Cash flow is a major concern right now, and many aren’t earning enough to keep up with interest rate hikes,” said Finder Editor, Richard Whitten.

“While most borrowers are looking for a better deal and are not in mortgage stress, thousands of homeowners are struggling right now, being forced to fork out thousands more on their mortgages. Many are looking for relief, some are missing meals or bills and are looking at the possibility of losing their homes.”

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More Accessible Homes Are Being Built

In a bit of mint news, a new house has been designed and built for folks living with disabilities. This home is on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast and will help four women live independently. It will also have a support worker onsite each and every day. 

“You can see how excited they are,” said Garry Bates, whose sister Tessa is moving into this house. “For goodness’ sake, they’re beside themselves, and everybody else is happy for them too.” 

To make things even better, another 69 new homes are being built for other individuals living with disabilities. This is thanks to Endeavour Foundation’s ‘My Home, My Life’ programme. This foundation has invested $45 million into the project.

The CEO of the Endeavour Foundation, David Swain, is very proud of what his team has created.

Swain said, “If you can go into the bathroom by yourself, shower yourself, open a door yourself, go into the kitchen and prepare your own meals because you’ve got adjustable height benches, all of those little things… make a big difference.”

This man also said that Endeavour Foundation helps people living with disability score work: “If you’re living with a disability, and you’re looking for a job, and you haven’t been able to get on to that ladder of employment, give us a call.”

The Endeavour Foundation’s number is 1800 112 112.

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