Meet BlakCast: A New First Nations and POC Podcast Network


Introducing BlakCast, a new podcast network devoted to amplifying the voices of First Nations people and other marginalised communities in Australia. BlakCast is a platform dedicated to providing a space where the diverse voices of Australia can take centre stage and share the stories that often go unheard.

According to Mundanara Bayles, who spearheaded the BlakCast project, the platform is going to do a monumental amount of good. Bayles is a Wonnarua, Bundjalung, Birri-Gubba. and Gungalu woman. What’s more, she’s the creator and host of the award-winning Black Magic Woman podcast.

The BlakCast network aims to empower its creators by offering a platform where they can reclaim their narratives. It also hopes to foster more inclusive and diverse conversations within Australia.

“BlakCast is paving the way for a brighter, more inclusive future where all voices are heard, and the stories of the First Nations peoples are celebrated,” Bayles said at BlakCast’s launch. “Through diverse storytelling, we seek to foster a deeper connection to the rich tapestry of our nation’s history and culture for audiences and content makers alike.”

Naturally, BlakCast will now be the home of Black Magic Woman. But what other podcasts will it host? Let’s dive into the deets.

3 BlakCast Podcasts to Listen to

Yarning Up 

Yarning Up
Blak Wattle

If you want to learn about a bunch of First Nation issues from a First Nations perspective, then Yarning Up is for you. In this podcast, the proud Mbarbrum woman Caroline Kell interviews other Indigenous individuals about how colonialism has impacted their communities. They discuss treaties, truth-telling, NAIDOC Week, and everything in between.

Yarning Up is a podcast that you don’t want to miss. You can listen to Yarning Up’s episodes here.


The Curtain Podcast

Curtain is a podcast that shines a light on the darkest parts of our justice system. This podcast questions why so many First Nation men are incarcerated. This podcast questions why so many First Nation women are targeted by the police.

Hosted by Amy McQuire and Martin Hodgson, Curtain asks the questions that are too important to go unanswered. You can listen to Curtain’s episodes here.

Meet the Mob

Meet the Mob
Kristal Kinsela

Meet the Mob is a YouTube series dedicated to highlighting First Nation business leaders. In this series, Kristal Kinsela interviews other Indigenous people about what drives them to succeed and how they’re creating positive change.

Kinsela is a proud descendant of the Jawoyn and Wiradjuri nations. She’s also a joy to learn from while walking or washing the dishes. You can listen to Meet the Mob’s episodes here.

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