Airline Host’s Hack to Scoring the Best Seats In Economy

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TikTok has brought us some weird and wonderful things. I mean, who would’ve thought we’d be making folded wraps for lunch and setting sleep timers to help us nod off faster? It’s pretty incredible. And now, we have helpful new hacks from a TikiTok flight attendant @jeenie.weenie on how to calculate the best seats in economy.

Jeenie has amassed a following for the fact she’s happy to spill all the airline tea (which you should not drink, by the way), showing what really happens behind the scenes on flights and how the flight attendants really feel about their customers.

Her latest video on hacks to book the best seats in economy has 7.4 million views, and we’re not even surprised. This is some good insight. 

Everyone has their separate relationships with flying, but it’s safe to say we’d all go business class if we could. Climbing over people to get to the bathroom, being squished in the middle of two armrest hogs, a noisy sleeper, or a nervous nelly hyperventilating into the vom bag… let’s be real; it’s not a super enjoyable experience in economy seating. But if you know where to sit, it’s possible you could have a better experience. 

Jeenie’s video shows a cabin map, as she runs through the seats doing a process of elimination. “The first elimination should be a no brainer – the middle seats SUCK,” she says, crossing them off the seating plan.

“The back rows of every section do not recline, so let’s get rid of those seats,” she goes on.

“I’m not a tall person, I do not need these emergency or bulkhead seats. There’s also nowhere to store your personal belongings there. They also have those flimsy TVs and tables. For those reasons, I scrap those seats.”

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Then she gets into the nitty-gritty of weight distribution of the plan and how airlines generally fill the cabins, so you can grab yourself a bit of extra space. 

“They always fill up the first section first, before the last section, which means you have a higher chance getting a full row or an extra seat in the back [of the cabin],” she explains.

“Seats near toilets stink like shit, so I’d recommend a five-row buffer just to be in the safe zone.” Good to know.

“The next one is personal preference, but I hate asking someone else to move just so I can use the toilet, for that, I eliminate all windows.

“And because meals are typically served front-to-back you have a higher chance of getting your meal choice at the front.”

So, taking into account all of her pointers, just where exactly should we be sitting on a plane — somewhere that’s not at the front, not at the back near the toilets, not underneath emergency bulkheads and not in the middle or the window seat?

“Due to the process of elimination, we have my ideal seat choice, which is seat 49C, D, F or G.”

Of course, that specific row of seating will change depending on which aircraft you’re in, but the logic on seat choice stays the same. 

Thanks, Jeenie.

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