Weet-Bix VS Vita Brits: Which Is the Superior Cereal?

Across Australia, many a hero has debated which breakfast brick is the best. Some say it’s the iconic Weet-Bix, and others say it’s the underrated Vita Brits. However, nobody has been able to definitively establish which of these cereals is the greatest. Well, until today that is. That’s right: I’m reviewing these morning meals’ packaging, taste, and sogginess to determine which one reigns supreme. 

Part One: Packaging 

In terms of pure aesthetics, Weet-Bix smashes it out of the park. Not only is its logo slick and iconic, but its cereal photo could be on the cover of Vogue magazine. It also makes the inside plastic bag bigger than the cereal. This allows you to securely wrap your bricks and make sure they don’t go stale. 

Vita Brits, on the other hand, looks like an intern designed the label. All the text is chaotic, and the photo-shopped cereal could be better.

Part Two: Taste

Vita Brits has the superior taste. I’m sorry, but it’s too true. The Brit has a pronounced wheatiness and possesses an earthy toasted flavour. It’s a surprisingly complex breakfast cereal. And unfortunately, I think the Weet-Bix are just too sugary. 

Part Three: Sogginess 

Look, everyone knows that soggy cereal is a bad cereal. So, in the name of science, I set up an experiment. I placed a Vita Brit and a Weet-Bix in two separate bowls, poured the same amount of milk into each one, and then left them for thirty seconds.    

And after the time limit ended, the Vita Brit wasn’t soggy at all. It had kept its shape and was the crunchiest of bickies in my mouth. But how did the Weet-Bix hold up? Well, this breakfast boat filled up with milk, started to sink, and was very soggy.

So, there you have it folks! The ultimate knockdown between Weet-Bix and Vita Brits.

However, I still need to declare an overall champion. Which is actually pretty easy, because Vita Brits is hands down the winner. It may not have the best packaging, but its taste and texture are perfect. And most importantly, it doesn’t turn into a soup (unless that’s your jam, in which case go for Weet-Bix).   

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