5 Washable Rugs That’ll Upgrade Any Room

Rugs can have a big impact on a space. Neutral, minimalist rugs in light colours can create brightness and serenity, highlighting the beauty of an existing environment. More adventurous colours can really express your personality, invoking creativity and inspiration every time you enter the room.

Washable rugs allow for all that but they can also be placed in high-traffic areas with less hassle. Whenever they get dirty, you can simply pop them in the wash.

When buying a rug, washable or not, start with sizing, advises Michael Carter, Creative Advisor at Australian rug company Double. He says that when in doubt, size up. If your rug is going in the bedroom, dining room, or living room, always ensure the focal furniture sits within the borders of the rug.

“We recommend leaving at least 30cm between your rug and any surrounding walls,” Carter says. “This maximises visual airiness and creates the illusion of extra space.”

Always important when buying rugs is to not be afraid to experiment with colour, style and texture, as this is the best way to create an environment that sparks joy and allows your personality to shine, says Carter.

Finally, focus on the details. “Don’t get fixated on replacing every element of a room — instead focus on the unique pieces and small details that tie a space together,” he says.

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So, with all that in mind, what are some of the best washable rugs on the market in Australia right now? Ahead are a few of our favourites.

Double Willow Cream Highland Rug (160x230cm), $600

Inspired by the shaggy hair of Highland cows, this rug is simple and tasteful. Not only is it machine-washable, but it’s stain-resistant, too.

Double Cream rug

Miss Amara Etta Ivory Geometric Washable Rug (280x190cm), $495

This rug geometric print rug was handmade in India, using natural materials, including ultra silky soft washable cotton Berber fibres. The creator’s website allows you to upload a photo of your room to see how the rug looks before purchasing.

Miss Amara rug

Ruggable Jonathan Adler Inkdrop Slate Blue Rug (150x215cm), $499

This ink drop-patterned rug is eye-catching, yet its simple blue and white colours make it neutral enough to not clash with colour or a statement piece of furniture or artwork.

The Rug Collective Distressed Cezanne Area Rug (160x230cm), $159 (on sale from $249)

This rug features a modern take on a traditional medallion design. Easily wipe it clean of any spills, or pop it in the washing machine.

Stella Rugs Brittany Navy and White Floor Rug (270x360cm), $249.99

Though this rug can be used outdoors, for picnics and camping, it can also work indoors, giving a room a nautical feel.

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