Could a Voice to Parliament Help Save Our Sea, Bush, and Rivers?


A First Nations Voice to Parliament: A group of First Nations people that will advise the Federal Government on First Nations issues. If this advisory board is established, it will help our leaders improve the lives and wellbeing of their Indigenous constituencies. This group will help Indigenous people score better educational resources, health-based resources, and housing options. 

On October 14, the Australian public will vote on whether or not a Voice to Parliament should be established. The rights of all Aboriginal communities are in the referendum’s hands.

However, while a Voice to Parliament would help improve the wellbeing of Indigenous people everywhere, could its influence extend further than such issues? For instance, could a Voice to Parliament help Australia save the environment? Will this board guide our government on its sustainability journey? 

Here are the facts that we know.

The Environmental Orgs That Support the Voice

As it stands, a multitude of environmental agencies are in favour of a First Nations Voice to Parliament being established. These joints include the Sydney Environment Institute, WWF-Australia, and the Great Barrier Reef Foundation

According to such organisations, a Voice to Parliament would be able to advise the Federal Government on how it should approach certain environment centred issues. What’s more, they believe that this opportunity is a golden one. 

“Under Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leadership, we see Country healing across Australia,” WWF-Australia said in a statement. “The Voice will be a powerful way to progress the relationship between Traditional Knowledge Holders and Western science, to secure a healthy future for the lands, waters, skies, and everything within.”

Likewise, the Great Barrier Reef Foundation wrote, “Following colonisation, Traditional Owners were systematically excluded from decisions that affected people and Country, including management decisions on the Great Barrier Reef. For over 40 years, Traditional Owners have sought to remedy this with formal recognition of their inherent rights and interests in the Reef and its catchments.”

“The upcoming referendum provides a once-in-a-generation opportunity to choose a better future. We support the Uluru Statement from the Heart and the Voice to Parliament.”

So, there you have it. A Voice to Parliament could be a game-changer for our environment. Just something to chew on, before you head to the polls.

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