The iPhone 13 Is Less Than $1000 Right Now

The red, white and blue iPhone 13.

If you, like Chris Evans, are still getting by on an iPhone 6, now’s your moment to grab that upgrade you deserve. The new iPhone 13 is currently one of the cheapest prices it’s ever been thanks to a huge discount that’s being offered exclusively by Vodafone.

The telco has slashed prices across its range of iPhone 13 plans, drastically reducing how much you’ll spend each month paying off the phone itself. It’s a $400 discount over the course of the plan, which brings the iPhone 13 128GB model down to just $949.

If you want a little extra storage, the 256GB and 512GB models are also $400 off, costing just $1,119 and $1,469 respectively. By comparison, the iPhone 13 128GB retails for $1,349, while the 256GB usually costs $1,519 and the 512GB retails for $1,869.

Because the discount is applied directly to the handset repayments, you can claim the deal with any of Vodafone’s 12-month, 24-month and 36-month iPhone 13 plans.

Popular Vodafone iPhone 13 128GB Plans:

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Popular Vodafone iPhone 13 256GB Plans:

Popular Vodafone iPhone 13 512GB Plans:

The $40 Lite Plan is the top choice across the board. It comes with 40GB of data, plus an extra 30GB for each month you stay on the plan. Vodafone is also including three months of Amazon Music Unlimited and Apple TV+ to customers who sign up for the plan.

The cost of your plan will be added onto your handset repayments, so savvy spenders might prefer to splurge on a more expensive (and data-rich) plan because they’ll still end up with a smaller bill each month thanks to the discount.

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