A New Type of Weights Machine — The Latest in Fitness Tech


You may have heard the latest news about the Peloton — and the fact it’s coming to Australia in the latter half of the year — but have you heard about the Vitruvian V-Form Trainer? It’s another fitness device in the world of connected fitness and gives you the ability to train at home while remaining connected around the world.

As for what it targets? Weights.

But it’s not like an at-home gym, with a squat rack, dumbbells, weight plates and more. Honestly, it kind of looks like a giant stepper; you could tuck it under the couch or bed. Black, and unassuming. Until you plug it in. 

Yep, this combination of hardware, software, innovation and motivation — that only weighs 38kg — can have you lifting weights from 5kg to 180kg. You can attach handles for your upper body, ankle straps for your lower body, a bar for those who love heavier weights, a tricep rope for back exercises. Oh, and it’s got some slick lighting along the sides.

If you’re wondering how a 38kg platform can result in you lifting 180kg — the key is a motorised, electronic resistance system. Instead of using static weight, it modifies weight loading to match the user’s ability.

How can it tell? It’s down to the complementing app — the V-App. It comes with filmed workouts, that last from 10 minutes to 30. HIIT? They’ve got that. Want a bottom like Kimmy K’s? Yep, there are booty-focused workouts. If you’re not keen on a class, you can build your own workout.

If you just want the same weighted reps each time, you can do so. If you’re looking to increase resistance every time, that’s an option as well. If you’re struggling at all — which, to be honest, I did — the app will take it down a notch. Just hold the cables down by your side, and it’ll adjust automatically.

Absolutely nailing it, but getting too comfortable with the plateau? Yeah, it’ll take care of that too. When doing kickbacks — my lower body is much stronger than my top — it knew I was taking it easy, so the machine adjusted accordingly. 

If you’re worried about form, every movement is shown to you at three angles, so you can see exactly how you’ll be standing. Able to be streamed to your TV, you can work out in the living room and know you’re doing it exactly right. It also tracks your training, so you can look back on exactly what you’ve done on each day — no doubling up on leg day!

The V-Form will set you back $2,950 — but with a machine like this, you may never need to set foot in a gym again. 

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