This Easy Towel Folding Hack Is Going Viral for Its Day Spa-Inspired Finish

towel-fold hack

A day-spa inspired towel folding hack is gaining viral status throughout decor and interior Facebook groups and Instagram pages for its space-saving ability and luxe-looking finish.

First posted to Tik Tok from Australian user @Mama_Mila_Au, the hack for folding decorative towels has garnered more than three million views on the video platform, plus a further few thousand across Facebook pages dedicated to interior styling hacks and advice.

Mama Mila’s “Bring the spa home to you” hack involves five small steps that can be easily replicated at home. Seriously, I just tried it myself.

With two easy folds, a flip, a roll and a tuck, the resulting look is a compact roll with a decorative flourish that would look neat both tucked into your linen closet or displayed on a guest bed.

On the Kmart Inspired Homes Facebook page, a re-posting of the hack has received some 1,800 reactions and over 370 comments from impressed homemakers looking to replicate the idea.

“That’s it, I’m redoing the linen cupboard,” wrote one excited follower with another adding: “How nice does this look, and so easy!”

It’s not nearly the first organisational hack to go viral from people looking to improve their homes in isolation. Last month, one mum’s cereal box hack went bananas online for its ability to keep the cupboards looking neat while maintaining the freshness of the cereal box’s contents.

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