Vintage Frames are Trending – Here’s How to Find the Right Style For You

Vintage frames

The retro trend has been going strong for a while now and has been kicked into a higher gear with the advent of bold, vintage glasses as statement pieces and conversation starters as we pay homage to the past.

Picking the perfect glasses for you is based on more than just simple geometric shapes. Scientists now reckon that there are nine different face shapes that all humans on the planet fit into which sounds, frankly, ludicrous. Who genuinely has a face the shape of a heart?

Thankfully there are other ways to pick your glasses style which don’t involve having to work out those angles. Think beyond the face that you were born with and aspire to wear the glasses you’ve always dreamed of.

If you’re determined to pick based on your face shape, we’ve got you covered. If you’re going for something else, we’ll show you how too!

Face Shape

Specsavers 1

As far as we can tell, the “science” of the face shape argument is based upon trying to accent or counteract the features of your face.

If you’ve got a triangle face shape, for example, with the bottom of the triangle down, you’ll want to wear glasses that can balance that out by using frames that are accented or detailed on the top. In this example, the new Levi’s 04 might be the go with the deep square front made from slim silver metal and a contrasting tortoiseshell brow line in Hexetate.

Someone with an oblong face shape (that’s like a curved rectangle) might try to draw attention to the centre of their face so as to make it appear shorter. For this, you might try the Viktor&Rolf 10 in a classic Clubmaster style given bold definition with an acetate casing.

The oval face shape is considered the most neutral with its balanced proportions all around. Faces like this do well with glasses that extend beyond the widest point of the face but can pretty much get away with anything. Try the Marc Jacobs 23 for an understated look with lightweight metal and subtle burgundy detail.

Style Icon

Specsavers 2

We say don’t let your face shape define your style choices, though. Wear whatever you want and don’t let anything but your own ambition stop you.

For those following in the footsteps of the fashion greats, there are a tonne of excellent glasses to choose from. These are built on pillars of fashion and timeless sensibilities.

Check out the Deus Ex Machina Sun RX 4 for a reimagining of the Top Gun Aviator look that defined the 80s.

The Alex Perry Sun RX 56 give an updated, modernised look to the big blocky rims of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s for anyone wanting to emulate the classic charm of that bohemian living.

And for those wanting to stay super on-trend, Kylie Minogue has released these retro 90’s detailed glasses with amber tortoiseshell sides and lightweight framing.


Specsavers 3

Bold is the word of the moment and for those aspiring to live their lives to the fullest, there are glasses out there that are perfect for indulging your inner wildness. Go on, wear your heart on your, uh, face.

For anyone wanting to lead their own revolution and channel the spirit of the 1960s, Levi’s also have these full-on rounded glasses with tortoiseshell throughout the entire construction in a chunky frame that definitely stands out. Very 60s art house.

If you’re riding the aviator train and want something a little more unique, the double-framed aviators from Viktor&Rolf in a light construction are exactly what you need. They feature elegant rose gold temple tips in acetate and will have you soaring to the heights of fashion.

No matter what style you’re after, Specsavers have got you covered. Priced from $199 for two pairs single vision, the above styles are available throughout Autumn/Winter online and in all Specsavers stores nationwide.

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