Embrace Tradition, Reject Modernity With the New Vintage Pyrex Dinnerware Trend


If you’ve never heard of Pyrex, chances are you’d at least know what it is if you saw it. Depending on your age, it might’ve been the dinnerware you grew up with. Or, if you’re a bit younger, that you used when you went to your grandparents’.

You know the glassware that looks like sturdier Tupperware? It’s usually adorned with floral designs and filled with leftovers – usually, boiled brussels sprouts, or casserole with mystery ingredients. It was the dish that could be taken out from the fridge and popped straight into the microwave.

That’s Pyrex. Or, today, as it’s called, vintage Pyrex.

Image: Etsy

Thanks to TikTok (#vintagepyrex has been tagged a whopping 22.5 million times, with #vintagepyrexcollector tagged 1.8 million) and a recent article on ArchDigest, after all these years, it’s making a comeback. While Pyrex was the name of a brand’s line of durable Tupperware-style dinnerware, today, new Pyrex can be made from either tempered soda lime glass or the original borosilicate glass.

“Although both glasses are heat-resistant, borosilicate glass does better with extreme temperatures, making the vintage Pyrex pieces highly coveted by collectors,” says ArchDigest. So, where can you find Pyrex in Australia?

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Well, the first place you might want to look, as we mentioned, is in your parents’ or grandparents’ cabinets or garages. If you don’t find them there, head to an antique store, Vinnies or Salvos. Facebook groups for homewares or even dedicated Pyrex groups exist, too. You might also try looking for them on Etsy.

If you’re buying Pyrex, there are a few things to look out for. DWD stands for ‘dishwasher damage’. Vintage Pyrex can’t be put in the dishwasher and once it is, it’s impossible to bring back to life. Also, if you can see the physical piece, be sure to check for scratches by holding the piece up to light so you can see any you might not otherwise have noticed.

Happy vintage Pyrex thrifting!

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