How the Cards Fell After VIC’s Massive Election

It’s once, twice, three times to Labor. The 2022 election results have been counted, and the Victorian Labor Party has officially been voted into power for a third consecutive term. 

On November 26, the Labor party scored a majority of seats in the Assembly: Over 45 out of 88. They’re also expected to win 21 seats out of the 40 seats in the Council, although the numbers are still coming in on these.

Understandably, the Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews, was very pleased with this result. 

In his victory speech, Andrews thanked “everyone who has worked hard and believed in us.”

He also said, “We will govern for all Victorians. We will deliver each and every element of our positive plan to benefit each and every Victorian, no matter how you voted. No matter your views and opinions. That is what our job is. We take our responsibility seriously.

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It’s worth noting that it wasn’t all good news for Labor. So far, they’ve lost the seats of Morwell, Nepean, and Northcote.

However, the election was a rougher time for the leader of the Liberal and National Party Coalition, Matthew Guy.

In his concession speech, Guy said, “A short time ago, I did ring Premier Daniel Andrews and offered the Liberal and National parties’ congratulations to him and the Labor party’s re-election to government tonight.”

“We have a lot of work to do, we know that.”

During Guy’s speech, he didn’t say whether or not he’ll stay on as Leader of the Opposition. Although, the next day, Guy announced that he was in fact stepping down.

“As soon as it is clearer which Liberal Party candidates will form the next parliamentary party room, I will call them together to elect their new leadership team. I will not be a candidate for the position of leader,” said Guy in a statement.

Meanwhile, the Greens are very chuffed with this year’s results. The Greens have kept Brunswick, Melbourne, and Prahran. This party has also gained the seat of Richmond.

In a celebratory speech, the Leader of the Victorian Greens, Samantha Ratnam, called the election a “greenslide.”

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