Victoria’s New Recycling Scheme Is Serving Us Utopian Slay

A dog next to a recycling scheme plant in Victoria.

Attention, Victorian children, now is the time to get splashed in cash. Now is the time to make stacks upon stacks of pocket money— for you can now recycle your old Fanta cans for 10 cents apiece. By picking up litter, you will become the mogul of recess.

On November 1, Victoria’s Container Deposit Scheme, CDS Vic, kicked off. This recycling scheme provides Victorians with a 10-cent refund for each can, carton, and bottle that they return to a collection zone.

According to the Victorian Government, this recycling scheme will have a multitude of benefits. Not only will it recycle old containers into new products, but it has also created 600 jobs.

One person who’s particularly stoked about this programme is Steve Dimopoulos, Victoria’s Minister for the Environment. 

“Our new Container Deposit Scheme is now open, which will reduce the amount of litter in Victoria by up to half, contributing to a more sustainable future while putting money back in the pockets of hardworking Victorians,” Dimopoulos said.

“CDS Vic will maximise the number of cans, bottles, and cartons being recycled.”

As it stands, there are around 400 cash-back sites in Victoria, with 47 Reverse Vending Machines being installed in different Coles locations.

According to the Coles General Manager, Grocery Leanne White, these Reverse Vending Machines are going to vastly improve the lives of his patrons. 

“From Bendigo to Blackburn, Berwick and Braybrook, we want to help make recycling as easy as possible for our customers,” White said.

“Now Victorian customers can be rewarded for returning their used cans, bottles, and cartons, with the option to put the funds towards their next shop at Coles, redeem for cash, give to a charity, or add it straight into their bank account.”

Will Victoria’s Recycling Scheme Work?

While NSW, Queensland, and Western Australia all operate similar recycling schemes, some believe that Victoria’s programme will need more support to be viable. One such person is Fatima Madani, an RMIT University Lecturer in Marketing.

“To meet the Victorian Government’s target of diverting 80% of all material away from landfill by 2030, the CDS needs to constantly improve and sustain people’s behaviours,” Madani said. “It will be interesting to see how Victorians engage in the scheme and if they adopt it as a daily life routine and become active participants.”

“Businesses benefiting from the scheme need to practise constant communication, instil convenient processes, and create ongoing connection. These are key pillars which will lead to repeated behaviour, continued engagement, a new recycling mindset, and lifestyle changes.”

However, according to Victoria’s Premier, Jacinta Allan, the CDS Vic scheme might already be a state institution.  

“Just got some great news,” Allan noted. “More than one million containers were recycled on day one of the Container Deposit Scheme.”

Victoria’s Recycling Scheme: All the Refund Locations

If you want a map of all the CDS Vic locations, then please click the link here.

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