Eat, Play, Get 25% Cash Back: Dining Out in Victoria Just Got Fun Again

Maybe it’s just me, but nothing tastes better than a discounted feed. Afternoon $3.00 sushi? Sugoi! A nonna putting an extra cannoli in my takeaway dessert box? Devine! I swear, if I’m ever able to steal a whole cooked lobster from the Sydney Opera House’s restaurant, then I might reach a state of nirvana. 

Ergo, I may have to go into debt and buy a house in Victoria. Because their state government has brought back its Victorian Dining and Entertainment Program, and I want in. 

This scheme (also known as Eat, Play, Cash Back) gives customers a 25 percent cash back when they spend $40.00 at specific venues. 

These joints include:

  • Restaurants
  • Cafes 
  • Pubs 
  • Live music acts 
  • Art performances 
  • Museums
  • Galleries 
  • Amusement parks

Moreover, Victorians aren’t limited to a $40.00 cap. Each person can claim up to $125.00 and can use this scheme at multiple locations. 

As the Minister for Industry Support and Recovery, Ben Carroll, stated, “Whether it’s booking a table for lunch or heading to a live music event, this cash-back program puts money back into people’s pockets and supports hardworking businesses across Victoria.”

This move was also rubber-stamped by the owner of Lux Foundry, Daniel Amato. “We welcome the return of the program, there are many businesses that will benefit from this boost,” he explained. “The news is timely as we head into the school holidays, and we look forward to seeing more Victorians out enjoying a meal with their family and friends.”

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How Can You Apply for This Scheme?

You can score your 25% cash back by heading to the Victorian Dining and Entertainment Program’s website. Once there, you’ll need to submit a claim.

To submit said claim, you’ll have to provide your name, email address, bank account deets, and a proof of purchase. You’ll also have to answer some survey questions. 

Once you submit a claim, an ID will be sent to your email address. You can smash this ID into the Victorian Dining and Entertainment Program site to check where your claim is up to. However, hopefully, you won’t need to do this, as you should receive your cash within five working days of your claim being approved.

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