The Headlines: Vegemite Plans to Remake Its Iconic Ad

Vegemite Will Redo Its Classic Ad

There’s no denying it, Vegemite’s 1959 ad is goated. After all, it coined the phrase “Happy Little Vegemites.” It has sold more yeast than one mortal could eat in a lifetime. It has helped establish Vegemite as the Australian juggernaut that it is today. 

What’s more, this Vegemite ad was so popular that Bega Cheese is giving it a reboot. That’s right, Vegemite is now up there with the likes of Batman and King Kong.

On April 27, Cheese Bega has opened up the audition floodgates. They’re planning on having a number of regular kids to star in its new Vegemite ad, and they’ll be recruiting over the next week.

“Vegemite is opening a national casting on Thursday, inviting children in Australia aged between 6 to 12 years old the opportunity to audition, to feature in its remake of its iconic Happy Little Vegemite ad,” said Jess Hoare, a Marketing Manager for Bega Cheese.

“We’re honoured to raise a toast to this Aussie icon and can’t wait to see it be embraced by Aussies for many more years to come.”

This Vegemite ad will take place in Melbourne during June 2023. All travel costs will be covered.

Now, if you think your kid is Vegemite material, you can volunteer them as tribute. All you have to do is send your child’s full name, age, suburb, state, and a recent photo of them to [email protected].

Why Australia Wants to Make Immigration Easier

It’s official: Australia’s immigration system is currently broken. According to a governmental review into this system, there are an overwhelming amount of issues with how it operates.

For instance, a section of this report stated, “The migration system is neither fast nor efficient and is often perceived as unfair. Users, current and potential migrants, and businesses find the system unnecessarily complex and difficult to navigate at all levels.”

This review also found that:

  • Migrant women need additional workplace opportunities.
  • English can be a massive barrier for our humanitarian immigrant communities.
  • Migrants can wait up to 40 years for their parents to permanently join them.

When discussing this report, our Home Affairs Minister, Clare O’Neil, said, “Our migration system is broken. It’s not delivering for Australians. It’s not delivering for our businesses, and it’s not delivering for migrants themselves.”

“It is a horrendously complex system that makes it really hard to bring high-skilled workers into the country who will lift productivity.”

As it stands, the Federal Government hasn’t announced how it’ll fix our immigration system. But we’ll keep you in the loop when they say something of note.  

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How Scientists Are Making Our Coral Reefs Stronger

Ningaloo Reef
Image: Getty Images

Meanwhile, in Western Australia’s Ningaloo Reef, researchers are cross-breeding different types of coral. They’re doing this to make coral that’s more resilient to heat, coral that can survive climate change warming our waters.

Fortunately though, these scientists are getting results. 

As Dr Kate Quigley said, “In terms of heat tolerance, we have already started to see a very big difference between the ones that can survive really well at high temperatures, and the ones that are a bit weaker.”

However, Quigley also noted that this is only a fragment of a solution. If we want our coral reefs to subsist, then we have to prevent more climate change from happening. After all, if our waters get too warm, then not even crossbred coral can thrive. 

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