I’m an Aussie Who’s Lived in Vancouver — Here’s Why the City’s Become My New Best Mate

Ever find yourself dreaming of crisp mountain air mingling with the scent of cedar forests? Or maybe you picture yourself kayaking amidst emerald waters, snow-capped peaks mirrored in their glassy surface. There’s no better place in the world to enjoy all that, and much more, than Vancouver, BC.

Nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Coast Mountains, Vancouver offers a lifestyle that rivals Australia’s own — and may even feel familiar. From its bustling harbour city vibes to its wild, untamed landscapes, Vancouver beckons adventurous Aussies seeking a taste of the extraordinary – without sacrificing the familiar comfort of a thriving multicultural hub.

Don’t believe us? Just ask Marcus. Having lived in Vancouver for a number of years, Marcus knows all too well what Vancouver has to offer. He spoke to The Latch about what he found most surprising about living in the city, and how its mix of foreign and familiar led him to falling in love (or friendship) with it.

The Surprising Link Between Australia and Vancouver

“One of the most pleasant surprises about Vancouver was the community aspect that you don’t always find in big cities,” Marcus said.

Beyond the Vancouver must-see institutions like Capilano Suspension Bridge Park and Granville Island, Marcus, who shares a love of sports like plenty of Aussies, says that Vancouver was also surprisingly convenient for someone completely new to the city.

“There [are] three ski resorts, along with world class mountain biking and hiking, all within a 30-minute drive of the CBD,” he shared.

This helps position Vancouver as a city that’s meant for exploring. You can immerse yourself in the action or the serenity, in the hustle and bustle or in other-worldly nature, but you’re never too far away from everything else. It all helps familiarise yourself with the city as a travel destination, or, for Marcus, a home away from home.

Home Away From Home

“Everyone is really friendly, and there’s always something to do,” Marcus said of similarities between Australia and Vancouver.

However, there’s another focal point that Marcus notes that feels reminiscent of Australia — there’s no single type of Vancouver experience.

“The different neighbourhoods around Vancouver can be pretty distinct in their demographics,” Marcus said. For him, this meant doing a lot of research to figure out where he wanted to base himself. However, for those visiting Vancouver, it broadens the horizons of what there is to explore.

This is reflected in not only the activities the city is famous for, but also its iconic dining scene. With over 70 MICHELIN-approved restaurants, all of varying cultures and cuisines, eating your way through Vancouver is like indulging in a melting pot of the entire globe. Of course, Australia’s multiculturalism is one of the country’s most defining aspects, so visitors to Vancouver will feel comforted that somewhere on the other side of the world champions diversity in the same way.

Marcus knows from experience just how closely linked the lives of those in Vancouver and here in Australia are, but why not make that link official? By voting for Sydney to become Vancouver’s official friendship city — you can! Friendship cities reflect a formal agreement between two places that not only acknowledges the links between them, but strives to strengthen the bond and the relationship between them in a number of ways.

Like Marcus, it’s not hard to find an Aussie who loves Vancouver. It seems Vancouver is destined to be our mate. So, head to Destination Vancouver’s website to cast your vote now and let’s solidify this friendship for generations to come.

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