You Can Get Sex Toys and Flowers Delivered in 15 Minutes on Valentine’s Day

If you’ve forgotten to get a Valentine’s Day gift, or have one but want to beef it up, you’re in luck (well, if you live in Sydney, that is): sexual wellness company NORMAL is offering three curated Valentine’s Day collections, all available to be delivered to you within 15 minutes or less on the day.

Called Va Va Volly, the special Valentine’s Day deliveries are courtesy of on-demand supermarket VOLY, with collections called Love, What to eat & drink and What to gift. They each include variations of Lindt chocolate boxes, flowers (including floral bunches of 12 and single roses) Landon Le Rose Champagne and NORMAL toys including Frankie, Darcy, Quinn and Charlie, as well as silicone lube.


“We believe in making it easy for everyone to explore sexuality, stress-free and stigma-free,” says Lucy Wark, founder of NORMAL. “By partnering with VOLY, we’re excited to create the world’s fastest sexual wellness delivery service, and make it even easier to get toys and essentials like lube in minutes.”

The company’s own research into the love habits of Australians on Valentine’s Day found that one in four Australians in long-term relationships said they had negative feelings about the day — which led NORMAL to reach out to VOLY and work together on making the day that little bit easier.

“We want to offer people instant access to the best Valentine’s Day package and products, and by partnering up with NORMAL, we’re also breaking down barriers for many people when it comes to the bedroom,” says co-CEO and co-founder of VOLY.

The service will operate in over 60 suburbs across Sydney, only on Valentine’s Day. The Valentine’s Day packages will be available on VOLY on the day.

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