I Went Urban Fruit Picking: Was It a Success or a Car Crash?

Every time I enter a supermarket, I feel as if I’m walking into a circus tent that’s burning to the ground. What’s more, I feel like a complete and utter monkey for buying into this system. This is because the prices of some of the fruits and veggies are just bananas right now. Who has the money to splurge on a $10 cabbage? Is Woolworths placing gold-encrusted grubs between each of these leaves?

Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand why these prices are buck wild. The weather has been a cruel agent of the climate crisis that has hurt many farmers. Nevertheless, there’s also a cost of living crisis going on, and I have to put something other than discounted Kit-Kats into my belly.

This is why on July 29, I went urban fruit picking. What’s urban fruit picking? Well, it’s where you walk around your city neighbourhood in search of produce that’s hanging over your neighbours’ fences. Thanks to the law being chill with this activity, there was nothing stopping me from grabbing a basket, picking up some scissors, and going on an adventure. So, here’s what I scored on my walk:

Two Raspberries

Less than five minutes from my house, there’s a huge raspberry tree that overhangs from a block of units. Everyone grabs these suckers, so there weren’t many left. But I was able to score a couple. I currently want to smash my raspberries into some ice cream. Because there’s nothing better than making some wholesome fruit taste even sweeter.

A Lemon

I’m a huge fan of squeezing some fresh lemon juice into some soda water, so I was really stoked with this find. It was in an alleyway that was super easy to snip from. And sure, my fruit was a little more banged up than what you’d get from an ALDI, but it’s what’s insides that counts. At least that’s what my mum tells me anyway. 

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An Orange 

At first, I thought my orange was a mandarin. This is because it was a ton smaller and firmer than any orange that I’ve ever grabbed from a supermarket. It was only after I bit into it that I realised my mistake. Luckily, my mistake was scrumptious, juicy, and an excellent fruited up surprise. Furthermore, you don’t have these sorts of Shyamalan twists in a Coles aisles. 

Would I Go Urban Fruit Picking Again?

I had such a wonderful morning. I got to enjoy the sunshine, some staffies playing, and a cheeky bit of exercise. Additionally, I can now fill a little fruit bowl up with the freest of goodies. This is a top-notch activity for anyone who wants a low-key adventure that doesn’t break the bank. 

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