Some NSW Pubs and Clubs Will Ban Unvaccinated People Until 2022

nsw ban unvaccinated

Pubs and clubs in NSW have said that they will continue to bar unvaccinated people from their premises, even after vaccine mandate measures lift in the state.

From 15 December, the state is lifting restrictions for the unvaccinated, bringing them onto the same footing as everyone else when it comes to attending gigs, going to restaurants or bars, and travelling.

However, six venues in Sydney have said that they won’t accept unvaccinated people until well after that date, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Mainly situated in the Northern Beaches, the six clubs are RSL-type venues that say that they have a typically elderly clientele and want to protect their members beyond the strict confines of the state lockdown measures.

NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet has said that he expects such moves will be “rare” however venues that choose to do so will need to ensure that their measures are legally enforceable.

“The NSW government expects the majority of businesses will open their doors to all customers from December 15,” he said.

“Some may choose to exercise additional measures of caution for their patrons and staff, which is permissible providing they meet all relevant legal obligations.”

NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard has said that he supports the measures, calling them “sensible.”

“My view as Health Minister is we are still smack in the middle of a worldwide pandemic and businesses have to make sensible decisions to protect their staff and their patrons,” he said.

ClubsNSW has said that it respects the right of its venues to make choices that best protect the health of its customers.

As Australia’s vaccine rate climbs, the pace of vaccination has certainly slowed across much of the country, potentially reaching saturation points beyond which the roll out runs into people who are unwilling to get vaccinated.

Australia is one of few countries in the world with such strict vaccination requirements and some have attributed this to our high vaccination uptake.

At present, 83.89% of Aussies above the age of 16 have had two doses of the vaccine, while 90.88% have had one dose. However, vaccination rates vary state-to-state, with the ACT achieving 96.96% double dose vaccination while WA still sits on just over 70%.

While NSW has no plans to further restrict the movements of unvaccinated people, Queensland has recently said that those who refuse to get the jab will be barred from entering pubs, clubs, cafes, restaurants, cinemas, theatres, music festivals and stadiums.

All staff in these venues will also need to be fully vaccinated.

Queensland Premier Anastasia Palaszczuk has said that people who are vaccinated have “absolutely stepped up and done the right thing”.

“A vaccinated person is 86% less likely to contract COVID and are 90% less likely to die,” she said.

The rules will come into place on 17 December and will apply to all of those above the age of 16 who are eligible to be vaccinated. It’s not yet clear how long the rules will be enforced.

In Victoria, Premier Daniel Andrews has gone one further and warned that unvaccinated people will be banned from venues and retail stores for the entirety of next year.

It’s a move that has enraged critics, however, Andrews has said the measures are necessary to boost Victoria’s vaccination rate and keep its population safe.

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