The Headlines: The United Nations Is Actually Making Climate Justice a Real Thing

The United Nations Adopts Climate Justice

Possums, penguins, and parrots, I have some news. The United Nations has just adopted a “Climate Justice” resolution. 

Now, this is good news for you critters. This resolution will allow the International Court of Justice to create climate-saving rules that every nation will have to follow. What’s more, if a nation chooses to ignore these rules, they’ll be punished.

This resolution was fronted by Vanuatu, a series of small Pacific Ocean islands that are already feeling the impacts of the climate crisis. It was also supported by more than 120 other countries. 

“Today, we have witnessed a win for climate justice of epic proportions,” said Vanuatu’s Prime Minister, Ishmael Kalsakau. “Today’s historic resolution is the beginning of a new era in multilateral climate cooperation, one that is more fully focused on upholding the rule of international law and an era that places human rights and intergenerational equity at the forefront of climate decision-making.”

Umbrella Time: Severe Storms Smash Queensland

Are our weathermen, weather-women, and weather-enbies ever wrong? Yes, all the time. On more than one occasion, I’ve been standing in a sun-soaked spot, scrolling the internet, and the experts have claimed that it’s raining.

However, this week, the Bureau of Meteorology got it right. They’ve been saying that storms will hit the southeast of Queensland, and storms have just hit the southeast of Queensland.

Furthermore, these storms have been massive. Even regional towns like Stanthorpe received 56mm in the two hours.

Fortunately, it’s not all crummy news. This is because a severe weather warning for this area has now been canned.

“An upper level trough is combining with a moist and unstable air mass over the southeast this morning, resulting in scattered thunderstorms,” said the BOM.

“While thunderstorms are still occurring in South East Queensland, there are currently no indications that these storms are severe or will be in the short term, so the warning has been cancelled for the time being. Conditions still remain broadly favourable for further thunderstorm development, however, and further warnings are possible over the course of the morning and afternoon.”

If you’re currently in a southeast part of Queensland, please keep up-to-date with what the BOM and your gov are reporting. Cheers.

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Why Nokia Wants to Put 4G on Earth’s Moon

No, this isn’t an early April Fool’s joke. Nokia legit wants to put 4G on the moon. They’re planning to do this to create a media buzz, enhance lunar discoveries, and help future astronauts that travel there. Additionally, Nokia is hoping to do this sometime this year.

As Anshel Sag, the Principal Analyst for Moor Insights & Strategy, said, “If the hardware is ready and validated, as it seems to be, there is a good chance they could launch in 2023 as long as their launch partner of choice doesn’t have any setbacks or delays.”

How will 4G help astronauts on their mission? Well, Nokia reckons that a 4G network would make reporting lunar ice discoveries a lot easier. This would be massive as the existence of lunar ice could use some more research.

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