South Australians Are Scoring a $400+ Cost-of-Living Bonus

Back in May, the South Australian Government publicised something legitimately rad. They stated that they would give out a one-off payment of $449.00 to certain homeowners. A similar one-off payment of $224.60 was additionally announced for certain seniors and certain tenants

“The rising cost of living is hitting everybody’s budgets, but it is disproportionately hurting those on low and fixed incomes,” said the South Australian Premier, Peter Malinauskas. He also stated, “While the government can’t click its fingers and make the cost of everyday items cheaper, what we can do is provide targeted relief to those who need it most.”

The government’s original announcement claimed that this money would be available from August. Which, fortunately, they were able to stick the landing on. As the state’s Social Services Minister, Nat Cook, said to the ABC, “We have put more than $78 million into bank accounts in the past week and they are continuing to be paid so that they can then avoid dreadful decisions and choices that nobody should have to make.”

Am I Eligible for This Payment?

Obviously, you have to live in South Australia to score these dollarydoos. This money can only be paid to one person per household. You also can’t live with someone who earns over $20,610.20, $21,866.00, or $38,235.60, depending on your household’s circumstances. 

But that’s not all. You may also need to be a part of a specific governmental scheme. 

If you have a Pensioner Concession Card, a DVA Gold Card with specific criteria, a Low Income Health Care Card, or a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card, don’t leave this money unclaimed, it is for you. 

These payments are also available to certain Centrelink folks. For example, if you receive JobSeeker Payments or Parenting Payments, you should check if this cash can get dropped into your bank account. 

However, if you aren’t in any of these governmental systems, don’t fret. If you’re a single person who earns less than $20,610.20 before tax, then you’re good to go. The amount if you’re single with children is $21,866.00 before tax, and if you’re partnered up, it’s $38,235.60 before tax.

Click the link here if you want to apply.

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