Aussies Could Travel to London in November as ‘Freedom Day’ Inches Closer

flights to london

Flights from Australia to London are being tipped to re-start as early as November according to travel agency Flight Centre. The company is gearing up for UK travel in the next few months – possibly even before domestic travel is allowed.

Already this week we’ve had a raft of indications that international travel could be resuming sooner rather than later, with the government announcing that vaccine passports could start to be issued from next month.

The plans hinge on the ability for travellers to fly in and out of Australia without the need for expensive hotel quarantine, something the government is currently investigating alternative options for.

Flight Centre has confirmed that regional NSW fares will go on sale in mid-October, an as-yet undermined date that some are already referring to as ‘freedom day’.

However, the strict border controls in place between states mean that it is “more and more likely” that people within NSW will be able to go to the UK before they can travel to somewhere like Cairns, said Flight Centre chief Graham Turner.

Turner reports that he expects London to be the first international destination available from Sydney which he says could happen some time in November.

Qantas has already seen a surge in searches for flights to London as it appears to be Australia’s top destination once the lockdown restrictions are lifted.