Uber Launches New Pet Feature So You Never Have to Leave Your Pooch at Home


Uber has today launched its Pet feature Australia-wide, following a successful trial in Sydney and Brisbane that started in March.

The feature allows pet parents to bring their furry friends along for the ride with only a few conditions.

When riders select ‘Uber Pet’, they are matched with a driver who is willing and able to transport domestic pets to a destination.

A small surcharge of $6 or $7 is tacked on for the driver’s troubles and may contribute to their costs of applying seat covers or cleaning pet hair at the end of a ride.

While Uber drivers have previously agreed to transporting pets at their own inclination, the Pet feature ensures drivers who are comfortable with the notion of carrying animals to do so.

Those who do not wish to carry pets, or may have allergies, can easily opt out of the service.

The feature comes after Uber had seen a pattern in ride cancellations when drivers would show up to find their rider has an undisclosed animal.

“We’ve seen a lot of people take pets unexpectedly and we want to make sure they have peace of mind that the driver is happy to transport a pet,” Uber Australia’s head of drivers, Amanda Gilmore, told SMH.

“We never want a situation where a driver cancels the trip because they’re not comfortable taking an animal.”


The Uber Pet feature is especially handy for those who bring pets to the pub, to work, or to the vet, and do not have a car of their own.

Uber Pet is available nationwide today. Update your app to find the new feature now.

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