Uber Boat Launches, Just in Time For Euro Summer ’23

Uber Boat

It’ll be that much easier to book a boat in Mykonos come Euro summer ’23, with Uber announcing it’ll soon release a boat-share feature there. Called Uber Boat, the feature lets you book a boat for up to eight people to cruise to other Greek islands around Mykonos.

Uber hasn’t shared any other details like whether it’ll work within the Uber app or require you to download a separate app, and when the feature will launch in other towns and cities.

Uber has offered boat products before, including “Boat to Work” in San Francisco in 2013 and more recently, Uber Boat in London, which is meant for commuters, reports Tech Crunch.

The London route is technically a partnership between London’s commuter ferry service and Uber, though tickets can be booked through the Uber app. Uber Boat in Mykonos, though, is only private charters for the customers and guests, and is wholly owned by Uber.

Boat product selector
Image: Uber

The news was shared at the brand’s annual product showcase, GO-GET, held in New York on Wednesday, May 17. Also announced was Uber Group Rides, which launch globally later this year, starting in Sydney, Brisbane, and Canberra.

“In select cities, you’ll be able to invite others to add their addresses on a group trip, and soon, the Uber app will automatically update the stops to pick each person up according to the most efficient route,” reads a release. “Each person will be charged for the time they spend on the trip.”

The company also shared about new feature Uber Car Seat, which will let you request rides with a Nuna’s RAVA car seat that can carry newborns up to 65lbs (29kgs). The feature will launch first in New York City and LA, and then in other cities.

Group Rides Home Screen
Image: Uber

New feature family profiles will let you set up a family profile with multiple Uber accounts linked together. This’ll make it easier to pay for rides and deliveries from a centralised account, plus everyone linked will get real-time location and order updates.

And finally, Video Gift Message, which’ll let you record a video message to accompany a gift on Uber Eats, is also new. “Starting with gift cards, soon you can add this personal touch to anything you send on Eats: from a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates to a bottle of pinot noir and your favourite tikka masala.”

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