The Headlines: How Twitter Plans Take the Fight to AI Images

Twitter vs. Fake News

Twitter: The platform that everyone hates, but nobody can leave. It’s also a joint that is rife with misinformation and fake news. For instance, just this week, a lot of people believed that a wild pic of the pope in a puffer jacket was real. However, it wasn’t, and was instead created by the AI art tool Midjourney.

An AI generated image of Pope Francis wearing a puffer jacket.
Image: Midjourney

What’s more, this won’t be the last time an AI image could trick the public. So, to combat such fake news from taking off in the future, Twitter is working on a new feature. This platform wants its users to be able to add “Community Notes” to other people’s images. And these notes can inform others that a picture is “potentially misleading.”

Now, Twitter hasn’t dropped a release date for this feature. Nor have they explained how they’ll prevent this system from being abused by bad actors.

Our Gov Wants Low Wages to Rise With Inflation

If today, a massive spike in inflation made a dollar of mine worth 80 cents, that would suck, but I’d get by. However, if this happened while I was on Centrelink or a barista, I’d be munted. I would have been forced to go from eating two meals down to one.

Luckily, inflation doesn’t work that way. That being said, it does rise over time, devaluing our dollars and hurting Australia’s most vulnerable citizens. So, to combat this catastrophe, the Federal Government is advocating that our country’s minimum wage should rise in step with inflation. 

As our Employment Minister, Tony Burke, said, “Every Australian deserves a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work.”

“For too long, the former government asked Australians to work longer for less – we take a different approach. We believe the best way to ensure workers can deal with cost-of-living pressures is to ensure they earn enough to provide for their loved ones and to get ahead.”

The Federal Government has given this advice to the Fair Work Commission. This is because the commission is currently determining what Australia’s new minimum wage rate should be.

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NSW Trains to be Investigated For Failing

For the past few years, NSW’s train services have been wading through a rough-as-guts time. First, its workers had to go on multiple strikes to score better wages and safer working conditions. Then, in February of 2023, a signalling error occurred that threw the whole system into chaos for a day. 

However, the NSW Government’s new Labor leadership wants these delays to stop. So, to achieve this goal, they’ll launch an independent review into the state of Sydney’s railway system. It’s hoped that this review will come with some recommendations on how to fix things. 

“After 12 years of neglect from the former Liberal government, passengers have faced shutdowns, cancellations, and delays across the network, and on-time running is the worst it has been since the pandemic,” said NSW’s Transport Minister Jo Haylen. “It’s clear that our heavy rail network is facing significant issues.”

“It’s disappointing that the system isn’t delivering what Sydney as a global city needs and what passengers expect. Passengers have been left on platforms, and the people who run our transport system are frustrated because they haven’t been listened to.”

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