The Headlines: The Celebs Loathing Twitter’s New $13.00 Ticks

Celebrities vs. Twitter’s $13.00 Ticks

Twitter: The platform that everyone complains about, but nobody wants to leave. Twitter dissent is now ballooning by the day because Twitter wants to start charging everyone $13.00 a month to score blue ticks.

If you’re not in the loop, Twitter’s blue ticks were free badges given to celebrities and other people of note, displayed next to their names. They indicated that these users were who they claimed to be and not some sketchy impersonators. 

However, this service is now getting a paywall. While Twitter rolled out paid blue ticks when Elon Musk took over ownership of the site, those who were given them prior to his takeover are now being asked to pay to keep them. This move has angered a number of celebrities as the impersonators are already crawling from the woodwork. 

Take for instance Monica Lewinsky, who already screenshotted someone else with her name and a verified blue ticked. Lewinsky is concerned that this user will pretend to be her.

And after this incident took place, Lewinsky asked on Twitter, “In what universe is this fair to people who can suffer consequences for being impersonated?”

Other celebrities who have previously criticised this move include Stephen King, Josh Gad, and Lynda Carter.

In response to this situation, Twitter believes that this move will make the playing field more equal. They have previously claimed that there shouldn’t be different standards for celebs. 

Will the NSW Labor Party Rule a Hung Parliament?

Meanwhile, in local news, the NSW Labor party is probably sweating bullets. This is because, while they’ve won the 2023 state election, they haven’t scored a majority yet. Moreover, there’s now a big chance that they’ll be the leaders of a hung parliament. 

As of March 28, ABC is stating that Labor has 45 seats and needs two more. The broadcaster is also projecting that there are ten seats still in doubt. 

In response to this unfolding situation, three independents, Alex Greenwich, Greg Piper, and Joe McGirr, have released a joint statement saying that they’d back a Labor Government. This means that if Labor doesn’t get the necessary 47 seats to win a majority, these folks would support the minority government, allowing them to pass legislation.

This joint statement said, “In respect of the decisive result of the election, and in the interest of stable government, the members for Sydney, Lake Macquarie, and Wagga Wagga have agreed to provide confidence and supply to the incoming government should it be required.”

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How Paltrow’s Ski Collision Trial Is Going

In 2016, on the slopes of Utah’s Deer Valley Resort, disaster struck. This is because Goop’s Gwyneth Paltrow and a dude named Terry Sanderson hit each other while skiing. However, both of these people dispute who’s at fault. This has led to a trial taking place, with Sanderson suing Paltrow for USD$300,000, saying that the accident caused him serious brain injuries. 

So far in the case, both Paltrow and Sanderson have been dropping evidence that supports their series of events. Yet, neither party has brought any smoking guns into the courtroom. We’ll keep you in the loop if this happens.

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