Twitter’s New Subscription Service Allows You to Undo the Tweets You Regret

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I can think of a few people that would love to delete tweets they regret. Chrissy Teigen for one. Since being called out for bullying behaviour on Twitter, Teigen has shown her remorse through public apologies and even deleting the social media platform.

Although bullying is never acceptable and is always right to be called out, I think that we’ve probably all behaved in ways we’re not proud of at some point on social media.

Whether it’s an embarrassing Tweet quoting lyrics from Adele’s Someone Like You from back when your high school crush didn’t acknowledge you (wasn’t me I swear), or whether it was an ignorant comment you made on a Twitter thread one time.

It’s okay to make mistakes, as long as we learn from them. Sometimes, being called out can be really positive, however, having a social media history that doesn’t represent the person you are today can also be quite damaging both personally and professionally.

Starting today, Twitter will be rolling out its first iteration of Twitter Blue in Australia and Canada as the two launch markets. One of the major perks of the Twitter Blue subscription is the ability to undo tweets, allowing users to correct their mistakes.

What does the Twitter Blue subscription offer?

The Twitter Blue subscription offers the following perks:

Bookmark Folders: Want an easy way to better organise your saved content? Bookmark Folders let you organise the Tweets you’ve saved by letting you manage content so when you need it, you can find it easily and efficiently.

twitter blue

Undo Tweet: Typo? Forgot to tag someone? Preview and revise your Tweet before it goes live. With Undo Tweet, you can set a customisable timer of up to 30 seconds to click ‘Undo’ before the Tweet, reply, or thread you’ve sent posts to your timeline. Correct mistakes easily by previewing what your Tweet will look like before the world can see it.

twitter blueReader Mode: Reader Mode provides a more beautiful reading experience by getting rid of the noise. It makes it easier for you to keep up with long threads on Twitter by turning them into easy-to-read text so you can read all the latest content seamlessly.

How much does the Twitter Blue subscription cost?

Blue will cost $3.49 CAD for users in Canada and $4.49 AUD per month for Australian subscribers.


Twitter Blue is in its trial period, meaning that Twitter is open to making changes and improvements as it keeps tabs on the roll-out in Canada and Australia. Any burning questions you may have about the subscription, you can Tweet to #TwitterBlueSpaces. Any feedback, opinions or suggestions are encouraged to be shared by tagging @TwitterBlue.

You can sign up for Twitter Blue through your account on the Twitter app.

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