Apparently We Spend 24 Days Each Year Daydreaming About Travel

Would you believe 96% of adults slip into daydreams each day? Whether about nailing a promotion at work, winning the lottery, or enjoying a sleep-in (for once), daydreams transport us into a place of bliss for just a few precious moments. 

Travelling the world is one of the more common daydreams, and according to a new study, the amount of time we spend thinking about wandering the streets of Rome, skiing in the French Alps, or embarking upon African safari is more consuming than we could have predicted. 

A study conducted by OnePoll in partnership with Apple Vacations looked into the travel planning habits of 2,000 Americans. Of those who participated, 82% admitted to daydreaming about holidays for an average time of 200 hours per year — the equivalent of 24 full work days. 

Sorry, boss. 

travel daydream stats
From where we’d rather be…

On average, study participants spent 37 minutes every month browsing booking and travel sites, and 65% of people admitted to checking out travel websites throughout the day (probably at work), whether or not they had the funds to make the holiday happen. 

Of all that took part in the study, a large proportion of people, 79% to be exact, found they were worried about getting the best deal. More than half even admitted they find the process of booking flights “stressful”. 

But help was always on hand. Seven out of 10 people asked for recommendations from family and friends, while 34% put their faith in online reviews before making a booking. 

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