Trying to Be More Eco-Friendly at Home? Switch to These Brands and Suppliers

Zero Co

1 in 2 Australians actively look for green products or services, says new research by Finder. The Finder Green Consumer Report 2022 found that almost half (44%) of Australian consumers consider a brand’s environmental efforts to be ‘very’ or ‘extremely’ important when making a purchasing decision (*cue applause*).

Why? Concern about climate change (73%), wanting to feel good about personal choices (57%) and setting a good example for others (48%) were the top listed reasons.

“The COVID-19 pandemic and the growing prevalence of natural disasters have propelled people to take a stronger stance against climate change,” said Amy Bradney-George, editor of Finder Green. “Consumers have enormous power when it comes to limiting climate change – by choosing brands that align with their values shoppers are voting with their wallets.”

Switching to a green brand or supplier can save you money, too. The research found that when it came to super, over a 45-year period, Australians could save up to $292,000 (not considering inflation) by switching to a high-performing ethical fund. Considering buying an electric car? The research found that you could save an estimated $1,126 per year on petrol.

As for solar panels, though they do have significant upfront costs, over a 30-year period, the panels were found to save an estimated $732 per year in energy bills.

If you’re part of that group wanting to buy and use from sustainable brands and suppliers, but aren’t sure what they are, fortunately, the Finder Green Awards has rounded up the top names doing their part for the environment this year to help you out. Hyundai, Woolworths and Seed & Sprout were all named winners in the 2022 awards, now in its third year.

“Action is needed now more than ever and we urge consumers to scrutinise the actions and commitments of the corporations they spend their money with,” said Bradney-George.

Without further ado, the winners of the Finder Green Awards in each category…

Green Broadband Provider of the Year

Green Car of the Year
Hyundai IONIQ

Green Cleaning Brand of the Year
Zero Co


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Green Energy Retailer of the Year
Enova Community Energy

Green ETF of the Year
BetaShares Global Sustainability Leaders (ASX:ETHI)

Green Health Insurer of the Year
Health Insurance Fund of Australia (HIF)

Green Hotel of the Year
Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort

Green Beauty Brand of the Year
Seed & Sprout

Green Innovation of the Year

Green Insurer of the Year

Green Leader of the Year
Dr Kaushik Sridhar – Evolution Mining

Green Lender of the Year

Green Fashion Brand of the Year


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Green Mobile Provider of the Year

Green Online Retailer of the Year
Seed & Sprout

Green Rising Star of the Year
Guy Dickinson – BetaCarbon

Green Superannuation Fund of the Year
Australian Ethical

Green Supermarket of the Year

Green Team of the Year
Plenti – Renewable Energy Finance Team

Green Telco of the Year (Overall)

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