Top Gun: Maverick — “An Aviation Film Like This Has Never Been Done”

Top Gun

If Tom Cruise is starring in a film about flying jet planes, then you best believe he’s going to take you all the way up into the skies. For real.

Following the release of the highly anticipated trailer for Top Gun: Maverickan “aviation featurette” has been released which includes interviews with producer Jerry Bruckheimer,  director Joseph Kosinski, actor’s Cruise and Miles Teller (Rooster) plus some epic behind-the-scenes footage of the film.

“After 34 years, Tom Cruise returns as Maverick,” Bruckheimer says in the opening.

“This is a competition film about family, friendship and sacrifice. It’s a love letter to aviation. We’re going to show you what it’s really like to be a Top Gun pilot.”

Ensuring that it would be a theatrical event, Cruise explains that you can’t show this “type of experience, unless you shoot it live”.

The team worked with world-class fighter pilots and each cockpit of the fighter jets were fitted with five iMax cameras to capture every angle.

The reactions you see from the actors are all very real – including some hilarious candid shots after they’re spun upside down in the air.

“I think that when Tom hears that something is impossible and it can’t be done, naturally, then he gets to work,” Teller says. And we expect nothing less.

According to Bruckheimer, “an aviation film like this has never been done before and chances are, it will never be done again,” and that is why, June cannot come fast enough.

Top Gun: Maverick is in cinemas June 25, 2020.

WATCH: Top Gun Maverick: Aviation Featurette