These Aussie Companies Have Benefits That Will Make You Update Your Resume, Stat

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Forbes has released a list of the top companies to work for in Australia, following its sixth annual round-up of World’s Best Employers, released in October. The global list had ranked 800 companies, while the local list only highlights five that made the world cut.

150,000 full-time and part-time workers from 57 countries were surveyed anonymously. The respondents were asked to rate their willingness to recommend their employers to friends and family, as well as to evaluate other employers in their respective industries that stood out positively or negatively.

Participants were asked to rate the companies on things like economic impact and image, talent development, gender equality and social responsibility. The 800 companies that received the highest total scores then made the final list. Samsung Electronics, Microsoft, IBM, Alphabet, and Apple topped the global list.

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But which Australian companies scored the highest? ANZ topped the local list, coming in at #206. It has 40,211 employees and rakes in $28.6 billion revenue annually. Next up was Commonwealth Bank, coming in at #291. It has slightly more employees than ANZ – 44,375 – and a revenue of $34.1 billion.

Third on the list is construction, oil, gas and mining company BHP Group at #307. With 80,000 employees and an annual revenue of $102 billion, it’s the biggest company on the top 5 list. Following BHP Group is engineering and manufacturing company Amcor at #563 and Telstra at #565.

Forbes Australia’s top 5 Australian companies are as follows:

#206 ANZ

#291 Commonwealth Bank

#307 BHP Group

#563 Amcor

#565 Telstra

Earlier this year, LinkedIn also did a round-up of the best companies to work for in Australia, ranking the top 25 workplaces. Their rankings were based on LinkedIn data across seven pillars: ability to advance, skills growth, company stability, external opportunity, company affinity, gender diversity and spread of educational backgrounds.

The list showed that banking was a top industry to be in, with four out of the top five companies on the list financial institutions.

LinkedIn’s 2022 list of best companies in Australia to work for include:

#1 Commonwealth Bank

#2 Woolworths Group

#3 NAB

#4 Westpac Group

#5 ANZ

#6 Telstra

#7 WPP

#8 Salesforce

#9 DXC Technology

#10 Alphabet

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