Tom Hanks’ Film ‘Greyhound’ to Debut on Apple TV Plus


Tom Hanks epic WWII film, Greyhound will now be released on Apple TV Plus, who bought the rights from Sony Pictures.

The film, which was meant to debut in cinemas on June 11, was delayed due to the global coronavirus pandemic, will go directly to the streaming service — with a date to be advised.

Set in the early days of World War II, Hanks’ plays Captain Earnest Krause, a commander that leads an international convoy of 37 Allied ships across the North Atlantic, while being chased by Nazi submarines.

And back in March, the first trailer was released.

Opening with Krause in prayer before the voyage, he tells his crew that this is the first voyage he has done across these seas and that they will be entering a part of the ocean which is not reachable by plane for five days.

“We will rain hell down from on high,” Hanks’ character says.

The ship which carries them operates under the name “Greyhound” and destroys a Nazi sub, which instils confidence in Krause’s new crew.

Starring alongside Hanks is Stephen Graham (The Irishman), Elisabeth Shue (Death Wish) and Rob Morgan (Just Mercy).

The action-packed film is based on C.S. Forester’s novel The Good Shepherd and is directed by Aaron Schneider, produced by Gary Goetzman with the script adapted by Hanks.

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