Lift-Off! Tom Cruise Is Given Launch Date to Film Movie in Space With Elon Musk

Tom Cruise

In other news that is incredibly on-brand for action star Tom Cruise, he and Elon Musk’s Space X are working on a project with NASA that is completely out of this world.

According to TMZ, Cruise will be joining on a SpaceX Crew Dragon rocket and capsule to the International Space Station in October 2021 to start filming in orbit — according to the 2020-2023 ISS official manifest.

The outlet has reported that Cruise will be joined by his Edge of Tomorrow director, Doug Liman for the project.

On May 6, in an article released by entertainment site Deadline, it said that Cruise and Musk were in early development on the first narrative feature film — an action-adventure of course — to be shot in outer space. Yes, “shot” in outer space. Not “set” in outer space.

Before you get even more excited, it’s notMission Impossible film — which seems weird, because this truly seems impossible, however, according to the outlet it’s the real deal.

No studios have signed on yet, but we daresay, even if they didn’t, Musk and Cruise would make it happen with their own funding and whacky creative brains.

Cruise, of course, is known for taking some serious risks when it comes to filmmaking. During Mission: Impossible Fallout, the 57-year-old broke his ankle leaping from an actual rooftop and then hung from a helicopter and the side of a jet plane during takeoff in Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation. Can you imagine the insurance on this guy??

And lest we forget Top Gun: Maverick.

If Tom Cruise is starring in a film about flying jet planes, then you best believe he’s going to take you all the way up into the skies. For real.

Ensuring that it would be a theatrical event, Cruise explained in a featurette about the film that you can’t show this “type of experience unless you shoot it live”.

The team worked with world-class fighter pilots and each cockpit of the fighter jets was fitted with five iMax cameras to capture every angle. Insane.

The birth of this new space project came the same day as it was announced that Musk and his partner Grimes welcomed a baby boy into the world, X Æ A-12.

What a time.

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