3 Random Items That Transformed Me Into a Runner


There was once a time that I couldn’t/wouldn’t run for the bus. If I saw the bus pulling up at the stop 100m ahead of me, I would choose to be late rather than work myself up into a huffing, puffing state. There was nothing I hated more than running.

I was convinced the world was divided into two: those who could run, and those who just never would. Of course, I slot myself into the latter category and opted to pay through the nose for Sydney’s elite gyms rather than ever actually giving it a go. That is, until my boyfriend, who was desperately trying to convince me to come for a run with him, uttered three words that would change my mind forever: Running is free.

I write more about how these three words transformed my stubborn anti-runner’s mindset in this story here, but something else I came to realise in my journey to becoming a runner is how important it is to have the right gear; gear that works hard for you, and that will help you look and feel the part of a pro jogger, even if all you do is one lap around the block.

Below, I’ve outlined the three random items that helped turn me into a runner. Maybe they’ll help you too.

Nike Headband, $10

One thing I hated most about running was the cold wind against my ears. After every attempted run, I would always end up with a thumping headache, similar to those experienced after a dip in really cold water. It was enough to deter me from embarking on a run for the first few winter mornings, and so I went looking for a solution.

Unconvinced a headband would even work, I opted to purchase this Nike Swoosh Sweatband for just $10. The band works to wick sweat away from the face while also covering my ears against the chill, and it might just be the best $10 I’ve spent on my running journey. Activewear labels make proper ear-warmer headbands for this purpose, but in Australia, where the climate is fairly temperate, I think this does the trick just fine.

Powerbeats Pro, $349.95

When I’m running, I find the sound of my own jagged breath really offputting. My own panting reminds me of how hard I find the sport of running and exacerbates my feelings of tiredness really, really quickly. As such, I find music a great distraction tool, though a good set of headphones is key. I started with Apple Airpods, though became concerned for their ability to hold up during light rain, so I switched to Powerbeats Pro in a really cute lime colour called Spring Yellow that I’ll never lose.

The headphones lock into your ears securely and produce a high-quality sound while cancelling those peripheral noises around you. Their water-resistant, provide up to nine hours of battery life, and bring out the best of your running playlist.

Under Armour HOVR Infinite 2 shoes, $200

Hoo boy, finding a pair of quality running shoes is like dating — I had to kiss a few frogs to find my prince, and after trying a fair few pairs of running shoes, ultimately landed on these Under Armour babies. Like many mature runners, I initially tried to adapt streetwear silhouettes for running but ended up with blisters and pain points for a lack of support. And ruined shoes.

Under Armour shoes are designed for running, which means they’re thought out to deliver a perfect mix of cushion, bounce, durability, and efficiency. They’re lightweight, breathable, and keep your foot in correct alignment at all times, which takes some getting used to but will ultimately save you from injury in the long-run.

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