Yes, This Tiny Cabin With Views for Days Ships to Australia


That’s it: We’re packing it all in and trading in our lives as city slickers for this teensy tiny cabin that we’ll happily perch in the middle of nowhere. Bye-bye, neighbours.

Designed by Norwegian creative Torstein Aa, the Livit Birdbox is conceptualised for one or two humans with its luxurious yet functional micro floorplan and hard-wearing exterior, designed to withstand even the harshest of natural environments.

Crafted in Norway, the compact, cabin-style dwellings can be shipped anywhere in the world and are able to be lifted and installed with a helicopter or crane to sit atop four columns that ensure a minimal impact to their environment.

Birdbox is designed to blend in with nature. Source: Livit

Birdbox cabins are inspired by Norway’s magnificent mountains with angular shapes and a matte black exterior designed to blend into the rough terrain.

Three of the four sides boast expansive black-tinted insulation windows that assure a sense of privacy from the outside while still allowing those within the cabins to take in the jaw-dropping views of the surrounding landscape — be it rolling mountain views, lakeside views, or dense bushlands.

“In Livit we wanted to create a product that could enable unique experiences, with minimal footprint. Birdbox can be lifted in place with a helicopter and mounted on columns for a minimal and reversible footprint in nature,” says designer Torstein Aa.

birdbox interior view
Expansive views from three sides of the dwelling. Source: Livit

So far, there are two variations of the Birdbox: Mini and Medi. Both are delivered key-ready with interiors already fitted out to include a lush bed, storage and additional seating, however, at a larger size, the Medi also comes with a kitchen bench with sink and lounging area.

A Birdbox toilet pod with a full-length, one-way glass window can be purchased separately and placed nearby to the main living cabin (read: loo views).

birdbox interior layout
The Medi Birdbox is the larger of the two at 5.1m x 2.4m. Source: Livit

Two Livit Birdboxes are currently installed in natural Norway settings for those interested in experiencing the remote luxury of an isolated cabin. Fauske is situated closeby to hiking trails and swimming holes atop the epic mountain range of Blegja and the Førdefjord, and offers sweeping views of the valley and river below its perched position.

Langeland is currently surrounded by powder white snow and is positioned adjacent to a bunch of skiing trails. Both are listed on Airbnb and available to book starting from $275 a night.

But the best news? Livit Birdboxes can be shipped internationally (even to Australia), meaning you can purchase your own and set it up in a local landscape of your choosing to be used on weekends away.

Livit Birdbox can also be shipped with solar panels for an off-grid retreat that leaves behind an even more minimal footprint.

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