Arnott’s Just Dropped Four New Indulgent Tim Tam Flavours


While Original and Double Coat will always reign supreme (just one editor’s right opinion), Arnott’s four new flavours could be hot contenders for a take-over on the best Tim Tam flavours list.

Announced today, the Tim Tam Crafted Collection is comprised of four new indulgent flavours that have been expertly composed with premium ingredients sourced from all around Australia.

First up, Moreton Bay Raspberry & Dark Choc. Arnott’s says: “The sun-drenched coastline of Moreton Bay produces some of Australia’s juiciest raspberries. Lusciously sweet with a refreshing tart bite, Arnott’s has sourced these delicious berries for a smooth raspberry cream, which is sandwiched between two crunchy biscuits and covered in rich, decadent Tim Tam dark chocolate.”

Another sure-fire winner is certain to be the Murray River Salted Double Choc. For this flavour, Arnott’s sourced pure salt flakes from the mineral waters of the Murray Darling River Basin, “to create a new sweet & salty indulgent experience”. Chocolatiers stirred the salt flakes through a gooey chocolate source and cocoa chocolate creme, before sandwiching it in between two chocolate biscuits and coating the whole thing in milk chocolate. Yum .

Perhaps the most ‘out-there’ of flavours is the Kensington Pride Mango & Cream,  turning Kensington Pride mangoes into a tangy cream, which sits in between the two biscuits and is then coated in white chocolate.

And finally, there’s the Dimbulah Mountain Estate Coffee & Choc. a flavour we’re probably most excited about, Arnott’s describes this as “smooth and dark with a sweet chocolate and caramel body, the fine single origin arabica coffee grown at Dimbulah Mountain Estate delivers a distinctive, rich taste. We’ve baked this delicious coffee into our crunchy biscuits, which sandwich our decadently smooth cream, before covering them in premium Tim Tam milk chocolate.”

The four new flavours will be available in stores from next week, and more specifically on January 11. Despite their premium ingredients, the new Tim Tams will start from $4.

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