Viral Wrap Hack Is Here to Jazz Up Your WFH Lunch


So much more than just a teen dancing app, TikTok is also a source of inspiration with hacks designed to make your life easier — or in the case of the latest hack, to make your WFH lunch more delicious.

Circulating the app and permeating through to Instagram and YouTube, is a viral wrap hack changing the way people DIY their lunch at home.

Turning the functionality of a ‘wrap’ on its head, foodies have discovered a new way to fold up a lunch or breakfast sandwich. The result is a crispy parcel that’s both encased in wrap bread, with layers to spare on the inside.


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How to Make TikTok’s Layered Wrap

Here’s how you can make TikTok’s viral wrap hack at home.

  1. Start by laying out your wrap bread on a plate or chopping board.
  2. Layer each of the four quarters with your sandwich fillings.
  3. Using a knife, make one slice in between two quarters finishing the centre of the wrap.
  4. Starting at the cut, fold your wrap clockwise into quarters, laying the quarters on top of each other.
  5. Eat your wrap as is, or for an optional level-up, toast your wrap on a sandwich press or frypan.


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Catching onto the trend quickly, foodies have already begun making alterations to the original, viral recipe.

While some have showcased breakfast variations online, using ingredients like scrambled eggs, bacon and salsa, others have adapted the recipe for desserts, using toppings like Nutella and fruit.

There’s really no limit to how you make the hack your own, and if you’re feeling really creative, you could extend the folding formula beyond wrap bread to use bread like pita, or even nori, like the sushi variation above. Yum!

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