TikTok’s First ‘For You Fest’ Is a Celebration of Local Talent, Hosted by The Inspired Unemployed

the inspired unemployed

TikTok’s first inaugural ‘For You Fest’ is hitting the entertainment platform on December 8 and it’s set to be one big celebration of the very best Aussie talent on TikTok. 

Aussie TikTok creators are world-class, there’s no doubt about that, and they more than hold their own against their global counterparts. That’s exactly why Australia’s top TikTok creators deserve to be celebrated — which is exactly what the first-annual ‘For You Fest’ has been designed to do. 

Hosted by two of Australia’s funniest internet comedy duos, The Inspired Unemployed, the livestream will be one big celebration of the best TikToks from the year. Expect a full evening of comedy and pranks, as well as music performances from Peach PRC, Ula, and Masked Wolf and special guests like comedian Nazeem Hussain and Avneesha. 

The Creator of the Year Will Be Crowned

Not only will the show count down the best moments from the year, but it’ll also see the first-ever Australian “Creator of the Year” be crowned during the livestream, for all of our viewing pleasures. There are three creators in the running right now, so here’s a little rundown of exactly who they are, though you’ve more than likely seen them kicking around the app all year. 

First, there’s Sydney-based Millie Ford (who goes by @milligram96) and you’d know her hilarious alter egos: the teacher who rouses on students and says things like “I can wait all day” to send a shiver down the spines of all Australians and the Boost juice worker who just likes to have a little dance while blending up your smoothies during free periods spent at the local shops. 

Next on the list of top three creators is Nathan Lyons (aka @kookingwithakoori), who’s a father of six from Sydney, a part-time train driver, and now a published author of cookbook Kooking With a Koori. In his book and on TikTok, Nathan shares budget-friendly feeds and Indigenous soul food recipes that feed his family for just $8. Nathan’s TikTok delivers the same simple and clever recipes, and his Easy Cheesy Veggie Gnocchi looks particularly delicious.  

Last but not least is Walt (who goes by @oneminmicro), who creates videos that give a microscopic look at the world around us, from bees and bubbles to phone screens and protein powder. Walt’s videos are super interesting (kids would love them) and his love of science and endless curiosity is what makes these videos so engaging. 

The inaugural TikTok ‘For You Fest’ will go live on the TikTok app at 8 pm (AEDT) on Wednesday, December 8, and you can download the TikTok app now to make sure you’re ready for the livestream, and get to know all the creators we mentioned above that little bit better. 

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